Melania Trump Reportedly Humiliated After NYSE Invite Rejected By UNIS Parents

Alex WongGetty Images

First Lady Melania Trump is reportedly humiliated after she extended her invitation for students from the United Nations International School to accompany her to the New York Stock Exchange has met resistance from some of the students’ parents. The trip was to include a tour and to ring the bell.

Express is reporting that next week, President Donald Trump and the First Lady are scheduled to open the New York Stock Exchange and, as part of her “Be Best” campaign, Mrs. Trump wanted to have children with her, according to her spokeswoman, Stephanie Grisham.

“Mrs. Trump will be taking part in an iconic New York City tradition, and encouraging children to be best, through her initiative.”

Grisham continued, saying that Mrs. Trump will be accompanied by children from UNIS, but that’s where the problem lies: some parents at the school do not want their children associated with the Trump administration and have largely said “No, thank you” to the invitation, allegedly forcing school administrators to mediate the stalemate.

Predrag Vasic, a United Nations public information officer, sent a letter to a UN undersecretary-general saying that he was “disappointed by the decision to accept this invitation.”

“I no longer have children in the Junior School, but the concern that I share with many other parents is that those children aren’t only representing themselves and their parents; they are representing our school, and all of us as the UNIS community.”

According to the report, some parents have said they believe their children’s participation would appear as an endorsement of Trump’s presidency. Vasic agreed, saying that nobody wants it to look like the parents or even the school are on board, adding that UNIS organized grief counseling after Donald Trump won in 2016 “to cope with the shock.”

Vasic believes that the invitation should have never been accepted as the sentiment against the gathering is “very strong.”

The Inquisitr reported that Melania Trump is often mocked in the press and on social media for her efforts and missteps in her role as FLOTUS.

When Trump boasted in a speech about her efforts through “Be Best” to improve the lives of children everywhere, she was attacked on Twitter by those who asked her what she was doing for those in the detention camps along the southern border.

Responses ranged from people calling Trump a fraud, while others asked if she was “for real,” asserting that children along the border were in de facto concentration camps, and calling her a hypocrite.