‘Storage Wars’ Couple Brandi & Jarrod Split Rumors Continue To Swirl

Andrew H. WalkerGetty Images

It’s been a few weeks now since Storage Wars fans grew concerned that Brandi Passante and Jarrod Schulz may have split up. Unfortunately for those hoping for the best for the A&E Network couple, Brandi’s Instagram activity has only added fuel to the breakup rumors.

Passante took to her Instagram stories to share snapshots and short video clips of a recent trip to Disney. While several of the photos suggested it was a family trip, there was one individual that Storage Wars fans would quickly notice was missing⁠⁠ — Jarrod Schulz.

Like her recent Instagram stories activity, her latest posts on her wall also have fans questioning whether she and Jarrod are still an item.

Less than 24 hours ago, she took to her account to share two snapshots of herself unsuccessfully getting a red icee from a gas station. The photo revealed that Brandi had mistakenly overfilled the beverage, causing it to explode all over the countertop and splatter all over the floor.

Passante joked in the caption of the post (which contained two photos of the icee mess) that she may have gotten kicked out of the convenience store.

Racing Wives star Samantha Busch was among one of the first to comment on the Instagram post. The 33-year-old jested that her place as a good friend was questionable as she hid from a different aisle and snapped photos while Brandi’s drink exploded.

“You are surprisingly great at capturing my misfortunes, while crouched down hysterically laughing at me,” Brandi penned in response to the comment.

Her 127,000 Instagram followers quickly reacted to the silly snap to the tune of over 8,000 likes and just shy of 250 comments.

The comment section contained the usual smattering of those saying how incredible Brandi looked. Many appreciated the leggy display she put on while rocking a short, form-flattering black dress.

What has also become a trend in Passante’s Instagram comments as of late is acknowledging Jarrod’s absence and questioning if the duo were no longer an item.

“Sorry can any one fill me in where’s bf gone,” one confused Storage Wars fan penned.

Another user chimed in, “Where’s Jarod at?”

“Where is Jarrod?” a third echoed the concern.

The photo and Instagram stories update came just 24 hours before she posted a sizzling snapshot of herself putting on a busty display in a small silky white top with thin spaghetti straps, and a short black skirt.

The photo quickly accumulated over 11,000 likes as her fans took to the comments to gush about her incredible looks.

“You are definitely one of the hottest women alive,” one follower penned in a comment containing several heart-themed emoji.

In the midst of the compliments, there were also many fans who demanded answers regarding her relationship with Jarrod.

“Are you and Jarrod still together??” one individual questioned.

Another individual chimed in, assuming the duo had split up.

“Jarrod dated up for sure. (Past tense).”

In the comments of her recent Instagram posts, several have also questioned if she was still married to Jarrod or if she had gotten a divorce.

As The Inquisitr mentioned previously, Brandi and Jarrod were never actually married. While she did wear an engagement ring for a period of time and they had two children together, they never formally tied the knot.