YouTuber Lizzy Wurst Shuts Down Instagram In Bikini & Unzipped Daisy Dukes

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Lizzy Wurst may have gained her fame on now-defunct social media network Vine, but this YouTuber is still packing a punch. The 21-year-old has a solid Instagram following awaiting her updates — while these aren’t too frequent, they definitely prove popular. Lizzy is one of the platform’s faces who can wait quite awhile before delivering a fresh update, all the more reason for fans to be grateful that she updated her account yesterday.

Lizzy’s photo came as an unusual one. While her wardrobe was one that’s seen on plenty of social media faces, the outdoor and rocky finish was an eye-catching one, with perhaps the most unusual element being that Lizzy wasn’t showing her face. The image showed the brunette seated on natural rocks and looking away from the camera towards a sheer backdrop of them. The star was looking sensational with a toned pair of legs on display in Daisy Dukes of a light denim material. A closer look at the shorts seems to suggest they have been unzipped. Up top, Lizzy was flaunting her fit and curvy frame in a peachy-colored bikini top, with fans seeing her womanly curves, her flat stomach, and a pair of super-strong shoulders.

Lizzy seemed to have shades atop her head, although she’d gone low-frills in terms of any other accessories. The star was barefoot.

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I’ve been told i’ve changed a lot.. i’m not the same person i was 3 months ago, i’m not the same i was a year ago, i’m not the same person i was 2 years ago. are you? i’ve gone through changes in life that made me different, and made me see the world different. life is about finding yourself. you go through things that you thought could only happen to other people. you go through things that change you. you meet people that change you. you lose people that have changed you. you’ve done things to yourself that have changed you. we all change. no one stays the same person forever. don’t you listen to different music now? or weren’t you obsessive with something that you no longer are? don’t you like new food you didn’t like before? it’s called change. we all do it. i’m finding myself every single day just like all of you. i’m learning something new every single day, just like you. we are all the same... just a little different.

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Fans were likely drawn to more than just the image, though. Lizzy wrote a lengthy and powerful caption centering around her development as a person, with a sense of growth expressed towards the end. As to the update’s popularity, well, this girl knows how to shut down Instagram. The post racked up over 110,000 likes in a day, with over 670 comments. Fans generally seemed to think Lizzy delivered inspiring words, although a hefty chunk of comments came in praising her sexy body.

Lizzy has gotten real with her captions before. Back in February, an Instagram post came captioned with words centering around body image.

“I love myself. I may not have the biggest butt, the biggest boobs, the nicest teeth, the prettiest face, and I’m okay with that. If everyone looked the same what would be unique about them? Nothing. Stop trying to fit in with society. Instead, stand out. Show them what you’re made of.”

As to Lizzy’s headline-making this summer, The Inquisitr noticed a bikini update from the star at the end of August. Fans wishing to see more of Lizzy should follow her Instagram.