Chantel Zales Heats Up The Tropics In The Tiniest Bikini Possible

Chantel ZalesInstagram

Chantel Zales is heating up the tropics.

The buxom model took to Instagram to share a series of racy pictures with her followers, showing off her killer curves in an incredibly tiny bikini. The model stood on a wooden dock overlooking some pristine blue waters, wearing a black string bikini. Chantel asked fans to help decide which of the three photos she posted looked best, but fans had a hard time picking just one.

“Hard to choose, but I’m going to save them to my collection so I don’t have to choose,” one person commented, adding a winking emoji.

“All pictures are beautiful,” another added.

Chantel Zales has become one of the most popular fitness models on Instagram thanks in large part to her penchant for sharing revealing images of herself. She has amassed more than 4.1 million followers, putting her on par with models that have the backing of major companies like Victoria’s Secret.

In doing so, Chantel has likely amassed a small fortune. The fitness and bodybuilding website Generation Iron listed her among the fitness models with the highest net worth, estimating that she has a personal net worth of around $4.4 million.

Chantel’s frequent Instagram posts likely help build that quite a bit. While it’s not known exactly how much she gets for the pictures she shares promoting fitness supplements and rocking some of the top fashion and swimwear brands, industry experts suggest that she’s netting a huge sum just for a single post. As Vox noted in a 2018 report on social media influencers, the standard pay is $1,000 for every 100,000 followers, meaning Chantel can get around $40,000 for every post she makes.

As online marketing expert Joe Gagliese told the outlet, companies have realized that they can get more bang for their buck with Instagram influencers that celebrities.

“We actually believe influencers are more impactful than athletes and TV stars because they are more relatable and so their audience is more tapped in,” he said. “So it’s like, why pay a celebrity $50 million for a deal when that can be split up among influencers and make real impact?”

Chantel Zales certainly seems to have some major influence on her followers, sparking some massive interactions and regularly garnering tens of thousands of likes on her pictures. She also shares pictures and videos of the workouts she goes through to keep her body so Instagram-ready.

Those who want to see more from Chantel Zales can check out her Instagram page.