‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Breakup: Connor Saeli, Whitney Fransway’s Romance Is Already Over

Fans of Bachelor in Paradise just watched the Season 6 finale on Tuesday night and saw plenty of exciting updates on how the couples are doing now. It sounded as if things were going well for Connor Saeli and Whitney Fransway, but now it seems that the couple has broken up.

People shares details from Connor about the split from Whitney. He said that he and Whitney came to realize that they had rushed into a relationship and that, ultimately, they found that they weren’t connecting any longer.

Connor went on to note that there was definitely a spark that the two both felt and they both wanted to explore it. As Bachelor in Paradise fans saw, Connor and Whitney first met at Krystal Nielson and Chris Randone’s wedding. They were getting to know one another, but his date from earlier, Caelynn Miller-Keyes, pulled him away and that was it.

Once Caelynn left the beach with Dean Unglert, Connor watched to see if Whitney would arrive. He left just before she hit the beach and she then went to his hotel room with her date card. The two explored a romance from there and as of the filming of the Bachelor in Paradise reunion show a few weeks ago, it seemed as if the relationship was going well.

Connor explains that after spending a few days with Whitney in Mexico, he also spent time in Los Angeles with her. The reunion show was filmed in late August, and Connor attended former The Bachelorette star Rachel Lindsay’s wedding to Bryan Abasolo with Whitney in late August too.

Soon after that, it seemed that Connor and Whitney came to feel that things were moving too quickly.

“We almost skipped over those beginning of relationship steps, like really getting to know each other. We were basically thrown into a long distance relationship. And the fact that we had to be private about it [as the show was airing] made it even harder.”

The Inquisitr noted that Whitney posted a sweet photo showing her with Connor after the episode featuring their connection aired and he did the same. Unfortunately, now it seems that they weren’t quite as confident in their romance at that point, as they may have suggested.

Now, Connor says that at that same time, they were having serious talks about whether they could see a future together. Last weekend when they were in Los Angeles together, they made a decision.

Connor explained that they mutually agreed that they were not right for one another. He said that they don’t have any hard feelings toward one another and he believed they’ll remain friends. The Bachelor in Paradise star isn’t even ruling out the idea that they might give a romance another go at some point down the road.

This breakup announcement does come with somewhat odd timing, though. Within the past 24 hours, both Connor and Whitney have been posting photos to their Instagram pages showing that they vacationed in Tulum together.

While the posts make it seem that they’re in Mexico right now, the buzz online is that the Bachelor in Paradise stars took this trip a bit ago and are posting the photos now due to promotional obligations.

Viewers liked the idea of these two together and might be surprised that they are the first couple from Season 6 to announce a post-filming split. However, Bachelor in Paradise fans will probably be keeping a close eye on Whitney’s and Connor’s social media pages in the days ahead to see if perhaps these two could try a romance again sooner rather than later.

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