Kelly Clarkson Leaves Fans In Stitches By Sharing Hilarious Way That She Does Not Like To Be Greeted

Christopher PolkGetty Images

Kelly Clarkson may be one of the most well-loved and respected artists in the industry, but that doesn’t stop her from telling it like it is from time to time.

As fans know, the singer has now added “talk show host” to her growing resume and her show, The Kelly Clarkson Show, started airing this fall on NBC. Since then, Clarkson has made headlines for many reasons. Her most recent story is one of the most honest and funny things that she has said in recent weeks. Yesterday, the mother of two took to her highly-followed Twitter account to let her fans know the right and wrong way to say hello to her.

“Spread the word.I don’t like being kissed on my face when U meet me.Ever.Male or female.I ain’t European y’all,” she wrote. “I didn’t grow up doing that.I don’t like it.I don’t know where Ur mouth has been but I know where it’s not gonna end up,&that’s anywhere on my face. #MyPSAForTheDay.”

It is unclear if a certain person or event sparked this comment on Clarkson’s page or if she just decided to randomly share that tidbit of information with fans, but since the post went live on her Twitter account, it’s garnered the singer a ton of attention. So far, the post has amassed over 1,300 retweets, 21,000 favorites, and an impressive 800 comments.

Shortly after, Clarkson did clarify her comments with another Twitter post by replying to one of her fans who asked if she is okay with hugs. In the reply, she told fans that she doesn’t mind when people greet her with a hug, a fist bump, a handshake, or a high five. Kissing is the only thing that is totally off-limits. Like her previous post, this one also earned the “Broken and Beautiful” singer a lot of attention with over 2,000 favorites and 140-plus comments.

While some fans commented on the post with GIFs and emoji, countless others weighed in with their opinions.

“Kelly, I’m glad you put this out there so people know where the line is, and they respect what your boundaries are. Walking up and kissing a well known person is not normal etiquette, is it? It’s a fair request in my opinion,” one fan commented.

“Everyone has their own boundaries, that’s cool. It’s your personal space after all,” another chimed in.

Last week, Clarkson kicked off her new talk show in style. As The Inquisitr shared, Clarkson shared a photo from her appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. In the photo, she appeared to be backstage at the show as she struck a pose in a curve-hugging houndstooth dress that showed off her newly-slim figure. Not surprisingly, the photo garnered a lot of attention for Clarkson with over 63,000 likes in addition to 690-plus comments.

Fans can keep up with all of Clarkson’s beautiful photos by giving her a follow on Instagram.