Jon & Kate Gosselin Both Receive Backlash Amid Shocking Allegations That Son Collin Was ‘Mentally Tortured’

Thos RobinsonGetty Images

Jon and Kate Gosselin’s divorce was finalized a decade ago, but the custody battle and mudslinging live on for the former Jon and Kate Plus 8 stars. Now that a 10-year gag order has been lifted, Jon is speaking out about his ex-wife’s alleged treatment of their eight children, as reported by The Inquisitr.

In an interview Daily Mail TV, Jon alleged that his “militant” ex-wife was abusive to their eight children. Reportedly, she targeted son Collin, 15, and ultimately sent him away to a behavioral facility in Philadelphia for three years where he was “locked up” after being diagnosed with ADHD. Jon alleged that Kate “mentally tortured” their son, and he even released a note Collin wrote to him in crayon, begging him to get him out of the Philadelphia facility.

The family’s divide reached a new level last year when Jon was granted custody of two of the kids, Hannah and Collin, years after admitting he didn’t pay any child support for his eight kids and didn’t have regular visitation with them.

The other six Gosselin kids — Mady, Cara, Alexis, Aaden, Leah, and Joel — have continued to live with their mother Kate, with the eldest twins joining her for a spinoff reality show, Kate Plus Date.

Now, the shocking allegations about Collin has fans of the reality TV family taking both sides. Commenters on both Jon and Kate’s latest Instagram posts have addressed the new allegations.

After Kate posted a photo of the family bird, Zorro, dining with the four Gosselin children that still live with her (Mady and Cara recently left for college), several followers blasted the Kate Plus 8 star.

“Pets over Collin right? Sorry lady, but the gag order is over and Jon is now going to spill the truth all over the place. I hope he gets more of the kids soon away from you,” one commenter wrote.

“Collin is not on the spectrum nor is he special needs in any way. What possible excuse could she have for sending him away that won’t make her look like a complete monster?… She can’t explain herself out of this one,” added another.

But others slammed Jon for revealing the family’s personal drama and accused him of just looking for attention.

“Jon wants the spotlight again whether good or bad. If there is something with the kids, it should be kept private… He’s still that whiny baby that needs attention,” one person wrote.

On Jon’s most recent post, a montage of summer photos featuring Collin and Hannah, many commenters blasted Kate, with some calling for her to surrender custody of all the kids to their father.

“I watched the show years ago when it started and I thought she was a tyrant. I hope one day u are reunited with all of your children,” one fan wrote to Jon.

“We need to start a petition or something so that the other 4 kids go home to their dad.” another fan suggested.

On Twitter, several fans of the family slammed Kate, as well as Jon for going public with the storu about Collin and for releasing his private note to his dad. Others accused both parents of exploiting their kids.

This is not the first time Kate has faced abuse allegations. Three years ago, the Gosselin matriarch told Good Morning America she has had to defend herself against false allegations brought on by her ex regarding their children. Kate also downplayed reports that her son Collin told staff members at the behavioral facility that he was abused by his mom.

“I’m in the public eye,” Kate told GMA. “I have been investigated many times… It’s always unfounded obviously.”

Jon and Kate Gosselin shot to fame with their TLC reality show, Jon and Kate Plus 8, which followed their journey as young parents of eight children. After their headline-making divorce in 2009, Kate continued filming with the kids for several seasons of Kate Plus 8. The 2019 dating show, Kate Plus Date, featured just the Gosselin mom and her oldest daughters.