‘Maxim’ Model Olga Safari Tugs At Her Black Panties, And Instagram Is Panting

Jerritt ClarkGetty Images

Brunette bombshell Olga Safari is stunning, and she knows it. The Maxim model joked in the caption of her latest Instagram post that she had a “whole lot of options.” Considering the sultry shot, where the stunner playfully tugs at her black panties while wearing the shortest of crop tops, it’s hard to believe it isn’t true.

After years in the entertainment industry, during which Olga most recently worked as a briefcase model on the new Deal Or No Deal, the brunette beauty has slowly been building her Instagram following, often with sizzling shots and witty captions. The Californian currently has over 278,000 followers.

The number only keeps growing thanks to pictures like Olga’s most recent shot. In the post, Olga stares at herself in the mirror while wearing a vintage camera around her neck and little other clothing. As a top, she wears a graphic T-shirt that says “West Coast” in vintage 50s font and has a picture of a blue convertible on the front.

However, grabbing attention from the top is what’s underneath. The T-shirt is wildly cropped and so short that Olga reveals a large amount of underboob as she stretches her long limbs.

For her bottoms, Olga wore a pair of black sheer panties. The side straps extend up toward her waist, emphasizing her hourglass figure. To add to the sexiness of the shot, Olga also tugged at the panties.

Her long hair was styled into voluminous waves to complete the pic.

The post quickly earned over 28,500 likes and around 250 comments.

“Stunningly beautiful Olga,” complimented a fan, adding a black heart.

“You’re so gorgeous,” seconded another, with a star-eye emoji.

“There is too much hotness in this pic,” gushed a third, adding several fire emoji.

The newest post could be seen as an encore of sorts, as Olga had posted similar photos from the same shoot before, as covered by The Inquisitr.

She was also sure to add her own addition to this past year’s hot girl summer craze.

In light of her continually growing follower count, Olga has been expressing her big dreams. In an interview with Blasting News, the brunette beauty specifically talked about her hopes for the future.

“My biggest goal though is to create positive changes in our world using my success and influence,” she said.

Olga also added a message of encouragement to those who were trying to break into the business.

“I want to let anyone who is reading this interview know that hard work and persistence does pay off. If you work at something long and hard enough, it’ll happen eventually. Patience and determination is the key to doing anything!”