Sarah Jessica Parker Posts Epic Reaction As She Finds Out Mr. Big, Chris Noth, Is Expecting A Baby At Age 64

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Chris Noth is getting congratulations from his TV “ex” in the city. The former Sex and the City star, who played Mr. Big on the HBO series, announced some big news on Instagram and Sarah Jessica Parker was there for it.

Noth posted a photo of his pregnant wife, Tara Lynn Wilson, to announce that they are expecting their second child.

“Orion is getting a brother,” Noth wrote. “I better get my a** in shape.”

The couple’s first child, son Orion Christopher Noth, was born in 2008, so it has been a while since Big has been on diaper duty.

It’s no surprise that fans of the actor are freaking out over his big baby news. But Noth also received congrats from some of his former Sex and the City co-stars, including Parker, who played his longtime on-screen love, Carrie Bradshaw, on the Emmy-winning series.

“Oh. My. G-d!!!!!!!!!! ” Parker wrote of the jaw-dropping news. “I’m so happy for you both!!!”

In addition, Gilles Marini — whose infamous cameo as Dante, Samantha Jones’ (Kim Cattrall) Casanova next door neighbor, in the first Sex and the City film lit movie screens on fire — wrote, “Brother man. Hugeeeeeee congrats.”

And Kristin Davis, aka Carrie Bradshaw’s bestie Charlotte York, wrote, “Yay Yay Yay!”

Noth later seemed to make a crack about his later-in-life fatherhood. In response to an Instagram post Parker made about her new wine line, the actor wrote, “I want a bottle!”

Noth then followed up with, “Actually may need a case!!!!!!”

There’s no doubt one is on the way, as well as a big blue baby gift.

While Noth and Parker are no longer co-stars — it has been widely reported that the Sex and the City franchise won’t be making any future movies — the former on-screen couple has remained the best of friends. Earlier this year, an insider told Closer Weekly that while it has been 15 years since the final episode of Sex and the City aired on HBO, the two stars are still close.

“She follows him on social media and goes to see him in all his plays, sometimes two or three times,” the source said of Parker and Noth. “But this goes beyond just being his No. 1 fan. She just thinks he’s so hot, even at 64!”

The source added that SJP is disappointed they’re not doing a third SATC film together because she loves working and spending time with Chris.

The insider added that Noth feels the same way. And even though the SATC stars are both happily married to other people — Parker has been married to Matthew Broderick since 1997 and has three kids with him — the two still have a “huge connection” that will never go away.

Sex and the City fans watched Parker’s Carrie Bradshaw’s back-and-forth relationship with Noth’s Mr. Big for six seasons on HBO and two big-screen movies. By the end of the franchise’s run, the characters were married — but without children.