‘SNL’ Five-Timers Reunion Teased By Steve Martin


Tonight, Justin Timberlake will join Saturday Night Live’s exclusive five-timers club. But he may not be the only SNL legend to grace the stage.

Steve Martin tweeted a photo from the set of Saturday Night Live yesterday that featured Tom Hanks, Chevy Chase, Dan Akroyd, Martin Short, Paul Simon and Lorne Michaels.

Now, this could definitely be a coincidence. Maybe these comedy, music, and producing legends just like to hang out in the halls of Saturday Night Live.

Or, you know, they may be rehearsing something special to welcome Timberlake into the five-timers club.

When Tom Hanks joined the five-timers club SNL wrote a skit officially inviting him into the exclusive club. Paul Simon, Steve Martin and Elliot Gould all made a surprise appearance to welcome him.

The late night show has revisited the five-timers club over the years so it wouldn’t be too surprising to see Justin Timberlake get a special welcome tonight.

Do you think Saturday Night Live will feature some special guests tonight? If Martin, Chase, Akroyd, Short, Simon and Hanks it will not only be a reunion of the five-timers club but it will also reunite some of the shows original members. Chase and Akroyd were on the show at the very beginning. Martin Short joined the cast in the 1980s and Steve Martin has hosted the show so many times that he’s considered an honorary cast member.

If the SNL reunion does happen tonight, it will reunite Chevy Chase with musical legend Paul Simon.

Are you excited for Saturday Night Live tonight? Do you think Justin Timberlake will get a key to the five timers club?