September 19, 2019
Melissa Riso Flaunts Coconuts While Spilling Out Of Yellow String Bikini And Driving Instagram Wild

Melissa Riso is on vacation at The Cove Atlantis in the Bahamas, and she is sharing bits and pieces of her days with her 1.1 million Instagram followers. They are thrilled to see one of their favorites enjoying her time as an island girl hanging out in a gorgeous array of tiny bikinis.

In the stunning image, Riso sat on a chair on the beach, and she held a fresh coconut complete with a straw and a tiny blue drink umbrella. Riso nearly spilled out of a little yellow string bikini top while she enjoyed her tasty treat. On the bottom, she wore matching thong-style bikini bottoms that tied on the side. Riso wore dark aviator-style sunglasses, and her wavy beach hair followed down her back and blew in the wind. On her face, the actress wore a gorgeous smile, and her sunkissed skin appeared even darker after a couple of days in the sun. In the background, perfect blue waves crashed into the white sandy beach.

In her caption, the model proclaimed to love fresh coconuts, and several of her followers agreed. In minutes, nearly 1,500 of her followers hit the "like" button, and dozens left comments.

"They are the best!" replied one fan.

"Love fresh milk," another admitted.

Others complimented Riso on her relaxed vacation glow.

"Gorgeous," wrote a fan while another replied, "So beautiful."

In her Instagram story, Riso pranced around in a short ruffled pink sundress with a crochet dress. The dress's low neckline showcased her generous cleavage, and the short hemline highlighted her toned legs. She paired the look with nude wedge sandals. Her beachy brunette hair blew in the wind, which also picked up the edge of her dress, so she held it down Marilyn Monroe style. In another clip, she showcased her tiny bikini top as she laid out on the beach. In the next, she smiled as she gave fans a cheeky glimpse of her nearly bare backside in the yellow thong string bikini bottoms. Then she shared a video of her fresh coconut. Finally, she stood beside a large aquarium and gushed about the fish swimming around inside.

The Inquisitr recently reported that Riso traveled to Nassau, Bahamas with her boyfriend, Brandon Messina. She called their tropical island adventure a well-deserved vacation after a lot of work for both of them. So far, it appears as if they've enjoyed perfect beach weather to enjoy the sun as they relax and have fun.