Kylie Jenner Rocks A Shiny Black Mini Dress That Hugs All Her Enviable Curves

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Late Wednesday night, Kylie Jenner surprised her 146.7 million Instagram followers by sharing a provocative post in which she was rocking a stunning black mini dress. The tag on her upload stated that the statement frock came from Balmain, a top Parisian designer.

The garment seemed fairly simple but upon closer inspection, the mini dress served some special highlights. The fabric used to create the frock seemed to be akin to 1950s car upholstery since the black cloth featured bits of a glittery substance embedded into what seemed to be a synthetic textile.

As for the design of the dress? Balmain apparently was going for a futuristic look. The neckline consisted of a modified turtleneck while the shoulders were built out to be square and wide. Two darts on the front of the garment helped to display Kylie’s curves and to show off her tiny waist in the best possible way.

The sleeves of the frock were long and tight while the hemline was such that the mini dress was incredibly short, probably making the ability to sit down quite a challenge.

While Kylie posed for her most recent social media post, she held one arm up and placed it on the side of her head. The other arm was down and unbent as the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star carried a black Balmain purse that resembled a small book bag.

Her hairdo was hard to discern since her locks have gone back to black from blonde. In addition, she was standing in front of a stark black background. Still, no strands obstructed her heavily made-up face. Her brows were well-groomed and elongated while her eyeliner was slightly bent upward at the outside corner of each peeper, creating a slightly exotic look. The 22-year-old’s mouth was bathed in an earthy red color and her ears revealed a pair of diamond studs.

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Within about half-an-hour of being uploaded, Kylie’s latest post earned more than 823,000 likes and a slew of comments.

“Dress to impress,” said one admirer, who added a black heart emoji to match Kylie’s outfit.

“Love u,” stated another fan, who followed the comment with a kissy-face-cat emoji.

“YES QUEEN,” shouted a third fan.

This post kept earning likes and comments, one right after the other, which is nothing new for this popular member of the Jenner-Kardashian clan. In another upload Kylie posted on her Instagram earlier in the month when the mogul-reality star showed up to appear on The Ellen DeGeneres Show with her mom, Kris, the youngest member of the family — who is reportedly now a billionaire — also wore a black ensemble, according to The Inquisitr on September 8.

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