Tropico 4, DLC Get Big Discounts

Tropico 4 has been given a big discount on the game service, Steam. It appears that the makers of the game are trying to take advantage of the problems that SimCity has been having by offering up a 75 percent discount on the game and discounts on various DLCs for the title as well.

The game, which was released in 2011, centers around a central character known simply as El Presidente. The gamer is to travel around the island and work to build up the power for the character that was lost.

The game’s developer, Kalypso Media has been running a week long sale on all things Tropico that seems to have started right about the same time that reports of SimCity’s issues first surfaced. The sale will be going until March 15 and if you are a fan of the Tropico series or wanting to check it out, this would be the time to do so.

Tropico 4 is being offered on Steam and Kalypso’s home page for as much as 75 percent off the regular price. That means you can grab the latest iteration of the series for just $7.49. Kalypso is also offering up the first three titles in the Tropico series as a bundle for $4.99.

Quick math shows that you can have every title in the Tropico series for less than $13. On Steam, you can get the newest game for $7.49 as well but Steam is also offering up all of the DLC for the game at discounted prices.

Individual DLC packs are being offered for $1.24 a piece or you can get the main game plus all the DLC in a bundle for $9.99. No matter how you slice it, gamers have the ability to get a pretty popular game for very little and the best news is that it actually is playable offline.

Is it possible that Tropico 4’s discount is the reason that EA and Maxis are now offering frustrated SimCity players a free game?