Sofia Bevarly Flaunts Massive Cleavage In Tiny Bikini

Ethan MillerGetty Images

Sofia Bevarly shared a brand new Instagram video with her fans several days ago, and it got a ton of attention, racking up more than 217,000 views.

The video showed the model rocking a tiny, bright blue bikini. The top had two horizontal stripes in the front, while the bottoms had side ties. The top was so small, however, that Sofia’s chest almost fell out.

The video included closeups of Sofia smiling, along with scenes of her tugging at her bikini top and bottoms while wearing her hair down in a heavy side part. She was spotted outdoors on a green lawn with palm trees in the background, playing with her hair and giving some flirty looks.

The post was also a promotional video for an energy drink, and Bevarly was seen briefly sipping on a beverage called “Stoked,” a hemp extract drink from Bang Energy.

Fans gushed about Bevarly’s good looks in the comments section.

“You are very beautiful. Your smile is immaculate. I’ve not tried that beverage before. Is there a flavor that you like or recommend? Have a great week,” noted a fan.

However, not everyone was sold.

“Advertises bang energy drink, doesnt actually drink any of their products,” jabbed an Instagram user.

In addition, there was another fan that seemed to spot something amiss.

“Ight this is a legitimate question that I need to know. Did you get a Brest [sic] reduction?” they asked.

“No, I lost a ton of weight because I was sick for 3weeks. And since my breast are real and completely made from fat, they were the first things to go. Lol I’m gonna get them back,” responded Bevarly.

Prior to the new update on her Instagram, Sofia took to the platform and showed off her figure in a tiny green bikini.

In addition, Sofia shared a photo of herself wearing a white, thong-cut bodysuit. The photo showed her crouched close to the ground, as she placed her right hand in her hair and looked over her right shoulder at the camera.

Thanks to the low cut of the suit, Sofia’s sideboob was on full display. She wore her hair down and was spotted with sunglasses on the top of her head as well. A brightly painted gazebo was also visible behind the model. It had bright yellow planks that alternated with white ones.

She also posed on a green, manicured lawn, with a green building visible in the backdrop.

Fans can hope for more sultry updates from the model in the coming days.