Ilhan Omar Reportedly Had Her Husband Ahmed Hirsi Fired So He Would Be ‘Reliant Upon Her Assets And Income’

Zach GibsonGetty Images

Minnesota Representative Ilhan Omar has been the subject of rumors that her former husband, Ahmed Nur Said Elmi, was not a “British citizen” as she identified him as, but her brother. The fact that she recently deleted a years-old tweet this week, in which she wishes a happy birthday to a man she identified as her father, continued to fuel the rumor.

A PJ Media report from David Steinberg claims that the story has taken another interesting turn. After Omar’s reported extramarital affair with Tim Mynett was rumored to be the cause of his wife Beth filing for divorce, she was faced with reports that she and her husband, Ahmed Hirsi, had separated. Although Omar denied separating from her husband, Steinberg reports that Hirsi no longer works for Councilwoman Alondra Cano — he was terminated June 14.

According to the PJ Media report, a source told Steinberg that Hirsi’s employment was terminated at Omar’s request. In addition, the source reportedly said that Omar wanted Hirsi fired so that he would be “reliant upon her assets and income.” Hirsi has allegedly been responsible for raising Omar’s children for the majority of 2019.

“My sources have long described the Omar/Hirsi separation as an ‘open secret’ among much of the community,” Steinberg wrote. “However, they also stated that the potential contents of a Hirsi divorce filing would likely magnify Omar’s legal exposure.”

Steinberg also reports that his sources claim that Omar is worried that she will lose “a significant percentage of local Somali voters” that would stop supporting her, were they to discover that she purportedly “violated her Islamic marriage vows.”

Omar and her husband have yet to respond to the findings of the report.

Most recently, Omar said she believes that Donald Trump will definitely be impeached.

“It’s not if we are going to impeach this president, it’s when,” she said, per Yahoo News, adding that she believes it’s important that Americans understand the extent of the alleged “crimes and misdemeanors” Trump committed.

The House Judiciary Committee began its impeachment inquiry into Trump on Tuesday. Trump’s former campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, testified before the committee and confirmed one detail of the Robert Mueller’s report — Trump asked him to pressure then-attorney general Jeff Sessions to limit the scope of the special counsel investigation.

According to independent Justin Amash, Lewandowski’s testimony confirmed that Trump committed impeachable offenses.

“At today’s Judiciary hearing, Corey Lewandowski confirmed this impeachable conduct from Mueller’s report. Thank you, Corey,” he tweeted.