Lyna Perez Lifts Skirt & Exposes Booty On Instagram, ‘I Got Kicked Out Of The Mall For This’

Lyna PerezInstagram

Brunette bombshell Lyna Perez has built an Instagram audience of 4.1 million followers by flaunting her assets. Perez says herself in her Instagram bio that, “I basically live in a bikini,” and treats her fans to plenty of selfies where she rocks skimpy swimwear. The brunette babe is also fond of sharing NSFW shots that reveal just about everything, no matter what outfit she’s wearing.

In her latest Instagram snap, Perez shared a picture so scandalous she actually claimed in the caption that she got kicked out of the mall because of it. Perez rocked what appeared to be a green plaid crop top and plaid miniskirt that left little to the imagination. She paired the look with a leather bag and over-the-knee boots, and it would have been sexy enough on its own. Perez took things to a whole new level, though, by lifting her skirt and exposing almost her entire booty.

Perez was bold enough to make the move out in what appeared to be a public area at the bottom of an escalator, putting her booty on display in a spot where she was likely surrounded by other mall-goers. It sounds as though security was not as seduced by Perez’s assets as her followers were, as she ended up getting asked to leave, according to her caption.

The brunette bombshell actually shared two shots, both with her booty almost entirely exposed. Her followers loved the sizzling pictures, and the post received over 100,000 likes within just four hours.

Perez’s followers couldn’t handle the full view of her assets and filled the comments section of the post with praise.

“Wish I was riding that escalator behind you,” one fan said.

“Omg I’m in LOVE,” another fan commented.

One follower apparently decided she should corroborate Perez’s story, just in case her followers weren’t buying the fact that she was bold enough to lift her skirt in public.

“She’s not lying guys.. I was there,” the woman said.

While Perez’s insane body was on display in the shot, it was nowhere near as revealing as some of her bikini selfies are. As The Inquisitr reported, the curvaceous model recently posed in an orange bikini that was so tiny it could barely contain her curves.

Fans who just can’t get enough of the brunette bombshell should check out her website. While she shares plenty of sexy selfies on Instagram for free, Perez also has a premium Snapchat account where she’s accepting subscribers for even more steamy content.