Buckingham Palace Sends A Lost Stuffed Monkey Home With A Corgi Friend

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There is sometimes happy news that comes out of Buckingham Palace, and this one is about a stuffed toy being reunited with its owner, a little girl from Australia on a holiday to the United Kingdom with her family.

Town & Country shared the story of a stuffed monkey named Harriet which got left behind at the royal residence. Harriet was one of six “traveling monkeys” lent out by the school of 5-year-old Australian girl, Savannah Hart. Savannah left Harriet behind at the queen’s residence.

When Savannah returned to school, she and her friends went right to the source and addressed a letter to Queen Elizabeth about the whereabouts of Harriet the stuffed monkey, sharing some of her other adventures with the monarch.

A week later, they heard that Harriet was safe and she was having her own adventures back in England. The staff of Buckingham Palace put Harriet on a plane and sent her home with a new friend, Rex the Welsh corgi.

The palace also shared some photos of the staff posing with their new pal Harriet, and the cute monkey being treated to a scone with strawberries and cream, as well as a snap with her new pal, Rex.

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A toy monkey accidentally left behind at Buckingham Palace by a 5-year-old girl has returned home to Australia after enjoying royal treatment by palace staff and gaining a traveling companion - a toy corgi. . When Savannah Hart’s mom realized Harriet, one of six toy monkeys from Woodside Kindergarten in Adelaide, was missing, staff members and students from the school penned a letter to the Queen, politely asking her to search for the beloved monkey. . Surprisingly, the next week the Palace responded, saying that Harriet was in good care and for good measure included photos of Harriet's adventures around the Queen's residence. . Click the link in our bio for more of the story. . . . . #corgi #buckinghampalace #australia

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A Royal Collection Trust spokesperson stated that she hoped Savannah and Harriet had a great time.

“We aim to give every visitor to Buckingham Palace a memorable experience and after we had found Harriet the monkey near the Family Pavilion, she spent some time helping out the Visitor Services team before heading home. We hope Harriet enjoyed telling Rex the corgi about her adventures on the journey back to Australia.”

Australia’s News 7 confirmed that Harriet made it back to Adelaide Hills and to Woodside Kindergarten where her friend Savannah studies. The little girl’s mother, Katie Hart explains that they remembered how Harriet got lost. She says that Savannah took the monkey out of her father’s bag in order to take some photos in the palace and must have put her down. A day later, she asked, “where’s Harriet?”

It was lucky that the folks at Buckingham Palace were able to locate Harriet, as the royal residence is quite large, reveals The Inquisitr.

While part of the palace is a residence, and another part for entertaining, there is also exhibition space where currently there is a showing of Queen Victoria’s mementos, including a gown, and some of her favorite artwork.