WWE News: Becky Lynch Says Other WWE Superstars ‘Just Batted Their Eyelashes To Get Everything’


Becky Lynch’s ascent to the top of WWE’s women’s division has literally changed the landscape of sports entertainment. She played a major role in proving that women are just as deserving as men when it comes to headlining WrestleMania, and her name will go down in history as the first woman to win the main event at WWE’s biggest show of the year.

For Lynch, however, the journey to the top wasn’t an easy one. During an interview with Times News Now, she discussed having to scrape for every opportunity and keep working hard while other people around her seemingly begged and flirted their way through the WWE ranks.

“I was looked at as an afterthought and not given what I deserve. I saw other people who didn’t put in any hard work and just batted their eyelashes in order to get everything. I took it personally and it motivated me to take over. My motto has been to work really hard. My advice to all the young girls aspiring to be a wrestler would be to not stop trying to get better at everything.”

Lynch’s push was more or less based on her popularity among WWE fans, who started rooting for her louder than they did for any other superstar following last year’s SummerSlam pay-per-view. The WWE Universe’s emotional investment in “The Man” came about as a result of her being held back, despite being one of the most consistent performers on the roster.

These days, though, Lynch has firmly established herself as one of the most integral superstars to the WWE product. She’s a prime example of someone who’s been able to grab the proverbial brass ring by reinventing herself and connecting with the fans on her own terms. She has used the chip on her shoulder to motivate herself to always get better, and her story is bound to inspire the female wrestlers of the future.

Becky Lynch attacks Sasha Banks with a chair
Featured image credit: WWE

In recent weeks, Lynch has been involved in a high profile feud with Sasha Banks over the Raw Women’s Championship. As The Inquisitr recently reported, the two are set to face each other in a Hell in a Cell match at the next pay-per-view, after their last contest ended with “The Man” being disqualified as a result of hitting her opponent with a steel chair.

There have also been rumors of Lynch moving to SmackDown Live next month. Fox executives are reportedly very high on “The Man” and want her to spearhead the blue brand following the network’s billion-dollar acquisition of the show.