'World's Sexiest Nurse' Lauren Drain Shows Off Insanely-Toned Six-Pack In New Video, Instagram Loses It

Patricia Grannum

Lauren Drain, a model and personal trainer with over 3 million followers on Instagram, gave her fans a huge dose of fitspiration with a new video she posted on Wednesday. In the clip, the 33-year-old registered nurse raises her t-shirt to reveal insanely toned abdominal muscles that look like they've been sculpted into her skin. She then proceeds to go through an outdoor cardio routine that makes you tired just looking at it.

Based on the caption, it looks like Lauren made the post to promote one of her training programs. But she also uses it to tell her fans about the Sweat Sweat Stick, which is the product she applies on her six-pack before running up a flight of stairs. As Shape Magazine notes, the product is designed to increase your rate of perspiration when you exercise. Sports Research, the company behind the Sweet Sweat line, claims that this helps to reduce muscle fatigue and improve thermogenic activity, among other benefits. They also sell the "Trimmer" belt that Lauren wraps around her torso in the video before she works out.

But many of Lauren's fans either didn't notice these products in her post or chose to ignore them since they seemed more focused on commenting on her incredibly fit body.

"Amazing Abs," another fan raved.

"Very nice body" a third person commented.

But there were a couple of people who slammed her for promoting the Sweet Sweat products.

"Don't promote garbage like those belts," one commenter wrote. "You of all people know the body does not burn fat that way."

"Damn this is top-level selling out," read another comment critical of Lauren's decision to promote Sports Research's products.

But the favorable comments seemed to outweigh the negative ones, as many people either openly lusted after her body or congratulated her for maintaining such a high level of physical fitness.

The photo currently has close to 50,000 likes on Instagram with over 150 comments. In the caption, she also promoted her upcoming training program which is called the Fall Slim & Build. According to her website, with this program, Lauren offers participants meal plans, exercise routines for various fitness levels, weekly check-ins with her, a private Facebook group for moral support and much more. Signing up costs between $99 and $189 and the program starts on September 22.