Sara Gilbert Tells How She Feels About Kissing Her Male Costars on ‘The Conners’

Tibrina HobsonGetty Images

Sara Gilbert’s character Darlene on The Conners continues to play two sides against the middle during Season 2. In other words, this member of the sitcom’s tribe will continue to see Ben (Jay R. Ferguson) and her ex-husband David (Johnny Galecki), per The Inquisitr. Obviously, this arrangement will be tough to pull off, especially because neither guy knows about Darlene’s double life.

But what about how Sara feels about the love triangle?

On September 18, the veteran actress sat down with Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest on Live with Kelly and Ryan. Kelly began the interview by bringing up the Season 1 cliffhanger that left viewers wondering which of Darlene’s love interests inevitably survived. The answer: Both of them did.

Sara was quick to point out how she felt.

“It’s sort of strange because, as an actress, there’s one scene in particular where I start out with David… and we kiss in the morning and then I run into the kitchen and I’m back in the living room and then Ben is there, the other guy. And then I have to kiss him to get rid of him and then I run back and I have to kiss David goodbye. But you actually have to do it… And then you feel bad…”

Ryan interrupted Sara to comment that doing what she has to do on The Conners is like what the couples regularly do on Bachelor In Paradise.

“You are doing a scripted version of our favorite show.”

Sara called the situation “wildly unhealthy” and Kelly agreed. The talk show host warned that if one person in this love triangle spills the truth, everyone gets hurt. But that hasn’t happened yet — and Ryan is glad everyone remains “alive.”

While the joking around continued on The Conners, Darlene’s serious situation will probably be resolved at some point during Season 2 of the popular sitcom. The ABC show will likely address how Darlene will deal with her possible move to Chicago with Jay after David returned during the Season 1 finale.

As for David returning? By going back to his former wife to try to win her back, he was also doing his best to thwart the relationship Darlene has been having with her boss-boyfriend, Ben.

So, with this new information confirmed during Live with Kelly and Ryan on Wednesday, it looks like this loose end will remain up in the air. After all, Sara called out the conflict. And since the former host of The Talk is not only an actress on the series but also an executive producer for The Conners, she’s effectively helping to pull the strings for the fate of her character and everyone else’s.

The second season of The Conners co-starring Sara Gilbert is set to premiere on September 24 on ABC.