September 18, 2019
Blonde Bombshell Anna Katharina Drops Jaws In Itsy Bitsy Purple Bikini On The Beach

Swimsuit model Anna Katharina brought some heat to Instagram on Wednesday when she uploaded a series of photos of herself rocking a tiny purple bikini. The skimpy swimsuit did a lot to accentuate Anna's enviable physical attributes, but the photos also showed off her bubbly personality as well. Anna wore different expressions on her face in each photo that went from stunningly model-esque to downright goofy as the viewer swiped through the series.

In the caption, she asked her fans to guess which of the photos represented her personality the most and the responses were mixed, to say the least.

"# 1,2,3, OUTSTANDING, lose #4," wrote one fan. In photo No. 4, she stuck out her tongue at the camera.

But it looked like that was the one that really depicted who Anna truly is as a person, based on the reply she wrote to the comment.

"We have very different creative tastes because that was my favorite," she wrote.

But there were other people in the comments who said that the final photo was their favorite as well.

In her caption, Anna revealed that the purple bikini she was wearing is from Fashion Nova, a fashion brand that's become well known for sponsoring the wardrobes of many fashion/beauty/fitness influencers. It looked like Anna was wearing their "What A Beach" design in her photos, which costs $29.99 on their website and comes in black, purple, red and turquoise.This isn't the first time that Anna has worn a bikini from Fashion Nova either. In early September she uploaded a photo of herself rocking their black "A Shellfish Beach" design. The bikini features a ruched bikini top and bottoms. The bottoms are also designed to be "cheeky" so you probably can't expect a lot of coverage on your butt if you decide to buy them.

This particular bikini appears to only come in black and retails for $39.99. As The Inquisitr reported, it's also been seen on Australian social media star, Tammy Hembrow.

The blonde bombshell has previously proven that she's a natural when it comes to posing in bikinis on the beach. As The Inquisitr reported, she recently posted a video of herself rocking a different two-piece swimsuit in the sand for Bang Energy Drinks. The bikini was by Meg Liz Swimwear and she seemed to be rocking a baby pink version of their "Calypso" design, which costs $85 and $78 on their website for the bikini top and bottoms, respectively.