WWE Rumors: The Announce Team For ‘Raw’ Is About To Be Completely Overhauled With Major Changes


Fans of WWE are about to witness the biggest series of changes that the company has ever delivered at one time. It is already known that NXT is premiering on the USA Network, and that SmackDown is moving to FOX. Next month’s Superstar Draft, though, isn’t going to just shift the in-ring talent around, but also the announce teams. It appears as if the flagship show is poised to undergo some massive changes.

This past Sunday, WWE confirmed that the next Superstar Draft would take place over two nights in mid-October. This event has been rumored for some time, and this recent confirmation shows that the company is going to focus on having two entirely separate main roster brands between Monday Night Raw and Friday Night SmackDown.

As the brand split is going to be extensively enforced for the in-ring talent, WWE is apparently going to do the same for the announce teams. The Inquisitr recently reported that there were major shake-ups coming to the announce teams of all shows, and this has actually started happening already.

Last week, Nigel McGuinness moved from 205 Live to become a full-time member of the announce team for NXT. On the same night that announcement was made, Pro Wrestling Sheet reported that Dio Maddin would be joining the announce team for 205 Live, but that could change soon, too.

It seems as if Maddin is already going from starting as announcer on the main roster to calling WWE’s flagship program. According to WrestleVotes, Maddin is rumored to soon join Vic Joseph to provide commentary for Monday Night Raw.

Former NFL player Dio Maddin appears to be heading to Monday Night Raw on the two-person team. He formerly played with the Houston Texans, New England Patriots, and Jacksonville Jaguars before joining WWE in 2016.

When he was called up to the announce team of 205 Live, it was very unexpected and rather out of nowhere. Now, he may be taking over one of the spots for the red brand — and this would signify a huge change for all WWE announce teams.

Dio Maddin recently joined the announce team for "205 Live."
Featured image credit: WWE

As things currently stand, the Raw announce team is comprised of Michael Cole, Renee Young, and Corey Graves. Rumors have had Cole moving to Raw and Graves staying put on one show instead of calling both Raw and SmackDown as he’s been doing for a long time.

Young is going to be hosting WWE’s new in-studio show, but there’s been no word on where she may end up as far as announce teams go. WrestleVotes isn’t always 100 percent accurate with their rumors, but they are right quite often. If this ends up being true — and Dio Maddin lands on Raw— it’s going to shake up a lot of things in the company.