Chelsea Houska's Ex-Boyfriend Adam Lind Returning To 'Teen Mom 2'

The new season of Teen Mom 2 is in full swing, and things are about to get uncomfortable on next week's all-new episode. According to OK! Magazine, an all-new preview for next Tuesday's episode shows Adam Lind at his and Chelsea's daughter's softball game.

Many fans know that Adam hasn't appeared on Teen Mom 2 for a while. Back in 2017, Radar Online reported that Adam quit the show because he was tired of "being bashed." It is unclear if Adam is returning to the show or if next week's appearance is a one-time thing, but in the clip, Chelsea says she is uncomfortable when he shows up to the softball game.

In the clip, Adam walks up to Aubree and the 10-year-old looks happy to see her father as the two share a hug.

Chelsea says, "Oh my God, I'm uncomfortable."

Adam did not appear on the last season of Teen Mom 2. However, Chelsea was shown taking her daughter to a visitation center to see her dad. The visitation center was far from Chelsea's home. When she was nearly there, she received a call that Adam had not shown up for the visit. Aside from the visits at the visitation center, Chelsea has revealed that he can have lunch with Aubree as well as attend her school events.

Chelsea Houska was first introduced to audiences on her Season 2 episode of 16 and Pregnant. That is also when fans were first introduced to Adam Lind. The two found out they were expecting their daughter together, and Chelsea tried to make the relationship work. However, things did not work out between the two.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Chelsea recently opened up on Twitter about her past and revealed that it is "hard" for her to hear her dad speak about that part of her life.

"It's hard to hear my story through my dad's point of view. I pretend those years never happened, but I still have issues that are a direct result of what I went through back then."
Chelsea eventually moved on from Adam Lind and met and married Cole DeBoer. The two wed in 2016 while Chelsea was pregnant with their first child together and had a second wedding the following year. Together, the two have had two children together, a son named Watson and a daughter named Layne. Cole has also been a wonderful stepfather to Aubree.

Fans can tune in to an all-new episode of Teen Mom 2 on Tuesday night.