Kate Gosselin Welcomes An Unexpected Guest To Her Dinner Table In Surprising Instagram Photo

Frederick M. BrownGetty Images

Kate Gosselin may need to set another plate at her dinner table from now on. The Kate Plus Date star posted a new photo to Instagram which showed four of her kids finishing up a meal alongside the family bird, Zorro, presumably in honor of National Pet Bird Day.

In the snap, which can be seen below, one of Kate’s 15-year-old daughters is tipping her glass of water for Zorro to take a drink as the bird stands on the edge of the clan’s large kitchen table. The hands of the three other children who still live with Gosselin can be seen as they finish up their dinner in the background.

In the caption to the sweet post, Kate noted that pets are people. She also included hashtags of her black-capped conure’s name as she joked that the bird is an “extra” guest at the family dinner table.

The dinner pic was the first family-related photo Kate has posted since July when she shared a photo of the family dog, Nanuq.

It’s no surprise that followers took to the comments section of the post to remark about how much Kate has changed over the years. Several commenters noted that a few years ago, Kate would have “never” allowed a bird on the table. Indeed, fans of the TLC star’s reality show Kate Plus Eight may recall that the busy mom once said she doesn’t even do water parks with her kids due to the germs.

“Wow! So cute! Your OCD about germs must be loosening up lol,” a fan wrote of the pic of Zorro on the table.

But other commenters looked past the bird and zeroed in on the dinnerware, which appears to be paper plates. Several followers expressed disappointment that the TLC reality star was still using disposable plates for her 15-year-old kids.

Others went completely off-topic and asked Kate why she only has four of her eight kids living with her now. It should be noted that Jon and Kate’s oldest daughters, Mady and Cara, recently started college.

While Kate rarely posts family photos these days — and it’s no wonder based on the criticism she gets when she does post — her ex-husband Jon Gosselin recently shared a montage of summertime snaps featuring the former couple’s kids, Hannah and Collin. As The Inquisitr reported, Jon has custody of two of the eight Gosselin kids, and he regularly posts updates about them on his social media.