16-Year-Old Carjacker To Victim, ‘I’m Denzel Washington’

16 year old carjacker claims to be Denzel Washington

Chicago, IL — Has Denzel Washington taken on a new role portraying a 16-year-old carjacker? Not likely.

A teen carjacker for some reason claimed to be the renowned, Academy-Award-winning actor when he allegedly kidnapped a woman at gunpoint at a gas station.

According to authorities, the suspect allegedly jumped into the passenger seat in a 24-year-old woman’s car on Sunday, pointed a pistol at her head, and said “I’m Denzel Washington, bitch. Now drive.”

The woman complied, but fortunately she managed to bail out of the vehicle by slowing down to about 10 MPH “when she saw the boy trying to put a clip in his gray semi-automatic weapon.”

The Denzel Washington-impersonating carjacker moved over to the driver’s seat and drove off in her car, but he apparently had trouble getting the Ford vehicle in gear.

The victim called 911, and the suspect was later arrested as he fled the vehicle and ran into a parking lot.

The teen suspect, identified in various media accounts as Perry Wilkerson, now faces charges of aggravated vehicular hijacking with a firearm, robbery, and kidnapping. His attorney said he is an A and B student at a local high school and is a member of the basketball team.

In a court hearing yesterday, a Chicago judge ordered the teen held in lieu of $300,000 bond.

The city of Chicago, Barack Obama’s political hometown, is experiencing an unprecedented crime wave, culminating about 500 murders in the year 2012. The violent crime issue in general is apparently the result of an ongoing turf battle among gangs and an undermanned, underresourced police department.