WWE News: Former Champion Teases A Return To The Ring Is Coming Soon


WWE has been dealing with a number of different injuries over the past few months and that means others stepping up during absences. While time out due to injuries is unfortunate for those suffering through them, it is good for those who may get more TV time. For a couple of months now, a former champion has been out of the ring and off television, but he is teasing a return and could be coming back very soon.

The last time Bobby Lashley was seen on WWE television was back in July when he took part in a huge match on Monday Night Raw. That match was a 10-man battle royal on July 15, and it determined the No. 1 contender for Brock Lesnar’s WWE Universal Championship.

Seth Rollins ended up winning that match and going on to defeat Lesnar for the title. Ever since that match, though, Lashley has not only been missing from WWE television, but he hasn’t appeared or wrestled at any nontelevised live events either.

As reported by Pro Wrestling Sheet, Lashley has been out due to a nagging injury which has been plaguing the 43-year-old superstar. While the exact injury was not revealed, it was reported that he had to have minor surgery to have bone spurs removed from his elbow.

In the early days of August, it was reported that Lashley’s projected return date was sometime in November, but that appears to have changed. If the former WWE United States Champion’s Twitter is to be believed, he’s loading up for a return sooner rather than later.

On Tuesday, Bobby Lashley simply put up an animated GIF of the “LOADING” symbol for computers. He didn’t say anything with it, but it certainly makes it seem as if his time out of the ring due to injury is coming to a close rather soon.

This would make some sense as WWE really wants as many superstars around as possible for the upcoming Superstar Draft in mid-October. The draft takes place a couple of weeks after SmackDown moves to Friday nights on FOX, and they’re looking to make that entire time as big of a deal as possible.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Drew McIntyre is scheduled to return soon from his time out due to injury as well. WWE has a lot of talent throughout its roster, but it is noticeable when guys like McIntyre and Bobby Lashley are missing from the shows each week. If the “LOADING” GIF is any indication, though, the mighty one will be back on TV soon.