Capriati Addresses Arrest Warrant Rumors

Capriati Arrest Warrant

Jennifer Capriati and her legal team have addressed recent arrest warrant rumors.

The former tennis pro made a statement about the situation through her laywer. Capriati believes that ex-boyfriend Ivan Brannan’s version of the story is an exaggeration of what really took place.

Jennifer Capriati could be facing an arrest warrant for allegedly attacking Brannan at a gym in North Palm Beach on Valentine’s day. Although witnesses said that she punched her ex-boyfriend several times in the chest, Capriati’s lawyer explained that her side of the tale is a little different.

“There is no arrest warrant for Jennifer Capriati. The case between Ms. Capriati and Mr. Ivan Brannan has not yet been assigned in Palm Beach County and has not been reviewed,” the tennis player’s lawyer told TMZ.

“The current facts being circulated by Mr. Brannan are an over exaggeration and the police report is one-sided in Mr. Brannan’s favor since they failed to get Ms. Capriati’s side of the story,” her legal representative added.

Jennifer Capriati’s lawyer went on to add that the tennis great will be “vindicated from these charges” once her side of the story is heard by authorities.

A police report recently obtained by the folks at Gossip Extra said Capriati attacked her ex-boyfriend at Oxygen Health & Fitness in North Palm Beach, Florida on Valentine’s Day.

After having a heated discussion about Ivan Brannan, Capriati reportedly punched him several times in the chest. A yoga instructor reportedly intervened in the altercation. Brannan quickly phoned 911 from inside the men’s locker room.

Jennifer Capriati

The report said that Jennifer Capriati fled the gym in her car. However, police were able to catch up with the athlete a few miles away from the scene of the fight. She was then interviewed by officers and released.

Although a rep for Capriati said the arrest warrant currently doesn’t exist, there has been no official word on the matter from the State Attorney’s Office.

Are you a fan of Jennifer Capriati? Do you think an arrest warrant should be executed by police?

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