Trump Makes A Play To Win Over Hispanic Voter Bloc & Turn New Mexico Red

Cengiz YarGetty Images

President Donald Trump flew to New Mexico earlier this week in an attempt to win the hearts and minds of Latinos in the run to the 2020 presidential election. He was met by thousands of adoring fans wearing Make America Great Again baseball caps and many holding signs saying “Latinos for Trump.” The Atlantic reported heavy traffic congesting the roads in and around the suburb of Rio Rancho — one of the largest in Albuquerque — and parking spots were full many hours before the event.

New Mexico is historically a blue state and one that Trump lost to Hillary Clinton by eight points in the 2016 election. Now, it seems that the Trump campaign team is seeking to turn the state in the 2020 election, assuming that the Democrats’ impeachment attempts prove unsuccessful, as covered by The Inquisitr.

Time reported earlier this month that Trump’s campaign managers believe that touting the president’s policies on the economy, border security, and trade will provide an effective angle with which to secure more votes from the Hispanic community. The atmosphere was reportedly friendly and festival-like with people being approachable and enthusiastic. One supporter told Time how they felt the Trump administration had made a positive impact on the world, lauding his “America first” philosophy and views on the Second Amendment.

“A lot of it was misconstrued in the beginning but now the policies have been enacted, things are starting to work, and people are starting to see that he was right…so he’s starting to change a lot of our world now, hopefully for the better.”

Naturally, Trump’s efforts have provided plenty of ammunition for pundits. On Tuesday’s The Late Show, Stephen Colbert said Trump’s move is “like Cruella de Vil trying to woo Sarah McLachlan,” before singing in a Trump impression voice “In the Arms of the Angels,” the McLachlan song used in ASPCA commercials.

Talk of the now-infamous wall was a contentious point for many at the rally, but the president sounded confident when addressing those present.

“Hispanic Americans, they understand. They don’t want criminals coming across the border. They don’t want people taking their jobs. They want good security. And they want the wall.”

The previous time New Mexico voted for a Republican president was in 2004, and it was the only time the state voted red since the turn of the millennium, showing that while unlikely, it won’t be the first time for New Mexico to go Republican.