Director Danny Boyle Predicts British Monarchy Will Be Abolished In His Lifetime, Rates J.K Rowling For The Job

Director Danny Boyle Predicts British Monarchy Will Be Abolished In His Lifetime, Rates J.K Rowling For The Job

Oscar winning director Danny Boyle has said he believes Britain will abolish its Monarchy in his lifetime, and replace it with an elected head of state.

His idea for a substitute? Multi-millionairess Harry Potter author, JK Rowling, one of the celebrity names included in Boyle’s widely praised direction of the UK’s Olympic opening ceremony in London last July.

Boyle made his comments in a Guardian interview. The Brit director — who famously refused a knighthood at the end of last year — said of the Royals:

“I think the pressure on them is utterly impossible, as recent events show. It’s a ludicrous spotlight they’re under. You can still have a royal family if you like … but actually have an elected head of state.”

In the interview Boyle laughed off the idea of taking on the role, replying that he wasn’t looking for a job. Given that he directed Ewan McGregor in 1996’s Trainspotting, later winning eight Oscars for 2008’s Slumdog Millionaire — he he does have a point.

Offering an insight into his 2012 decision to refuse the knighthood, Boyle said:

“Not my cup of tea, never has been. I believe in being an equal citizen rather than a preferred subject,” a philosophy that goes some way to explaining his views on monarchy in general.

He did, however, praise Queen Elizabeth for her surprisingly on-point acting in the Olympic Ceremony opening sketch in which she appeared alongside James Bond actor Daniel Craig.

“She’s very sharp,” said Boyle, adding, “she has a natural sense of rhythm.”

The ‘man of the people’ helmer also revealed that the monarch kept her short but stunning cameo with 007 a complete secret from her own family.

Despite Boyle’s Republican ambitions for Britain, it’s debatable whether the monarchy will lose its crown any time soon. The next generation of Royals is set to make its first steps when Kate Middleton gives birth in July [expected.]

The Queen and Daniel Craig in the UK's Olympic Opening Ceremony pre-recorded for the July 27, 2012 event

In addition, according to a national poll conducted by Ipsos MORI last year — which also saw Queen Elizabeth II celebrate her Diamond Jubilee marking 60 years on the throne — support for a monarchy was at an all time high.

Their records indicate that numbers calling for a British Republic were 18% in 1969, 18% in 1993, 19% in 2002, and 18% in 2012.

That translates to three-quarters of the UK’s 62,641,000 population who want Britain to remain headed by monarchy, a finding that has been described by pollsters as “probably the most stable trend we have ever measured.”

What do you think of Danny Boyle’s comments about the UK monarchy? Can you relate?