Carrie Underwood Drops Jaws In Pink Leggings That Couldn't Be Tighter

The dresses may be sparkly for those stage performances, but not everything about Carrie Underwood comes covered in glitter. The Cry Pretty singer has been knocking her fans sideways with various stylish stage ensembles as she crosses the U.S. on tour, but the 36-year-old hasn't abandoned the other side of her career either.

Carrie is CEO of Calia by Carrie, an athleisurewear line that is appearing to prove immensely popular. It's popularity might have something to do with its boss having a sensational body, although fans of the line don't just seem in it for the celebrity aspect. As The Inquisitr previously reported, people seem to be digging the quality of the merchandise.

Calia by Carrie updated its Instagram today with a fresh new post that included the brand's founder. While not all posts shared to the account feature Carrie herself, this one did. Today's photo was a simple one, with Carrie seen looking stunning as she appeared to be rehearsing for a performance. According to the post's caption, Carrie was rocking her own clothing, in various shades of pink. She was wearing a skin-tight pair of leggings with a simple sleeveless top. The star's bombshell blond locks were looking nothing short of perfect, and hints of her beautiful face were visible in profile.

The caption also stated that Carrie will take to those sweat sessions regardless of where she is, all while wearing clothes of her own design, of course.

The post didn't stop there, though. An interactive element appeared, with fans invited to share how they "Stay The Path" -- the hashtag is frequently used to promote Carrie's brand.

Fans haven't been shy in their responses.

"On the days I have my college class, I wear my Calia so I can go straight from class to the gym after I get done!! That way I'm already ready & wearing my Calia to boot!!" was one reply.

"5:30 AM on work days, while the kiddos nap on off days!" another added with a muscly arm emoji.

"Running in the morning military kid" was a third comment.

"I do Beachbody in my classroom right after school gets out with a colleague!" a fourth fan wrote.

It seemed this post was doing its job, showing a high rate of engagement with comments pouring in very quickly after it went live. Of course, not every comment answered the question. Remarks were also left by fans who simply stated that they loved the brand. But for the most part, people did seem to be responding to the question posed.

Fans wishing to stay updated on this singer's stylish merchandise should follow Calia by Carrie's Instagram.