Kindly Myers Blows Instagram’s Mind With New Topless Photo Featuring Beer Cans

Kindly Myers Instagram

Kindly Myers showed why she calls herself a “professional smoke show” on Wednesday when she uploaded a new topless photo of herself to Instagram that showcased off her enviable assets. But the blonde bombshell included an unexpected accessory in her new post, two beer cans, which she held against her exposed chest.

Based on the caption, it appears that this post is a bit of sponsored content for White Claws

“There ain’t no laws when you’re drinking claws!” she wrote in the caption, although she didn’t include the “#ad” hashtag. Perhaps it’s just one of her favorite beer brands.

In the comments, fan’s openly gushed about the photo and the fact that Kindly was holding the cans where a bra would normally be.

“No need for bras when sippin dem claws,” one fan quipped.

“Nice set of cans,” another wrote.

Others ignored the beer cans altogether and just focused on complimenting Kindly.

“Wow, what a beautiful, beautiful, breathtaking beautiful view,” one infatuated commenter wrote.

“Is it hot in here or is it just you?” another asked.

A lot of the other comments were from people who couldn’t seem to find the words to express their admiration so they settled for using strings of emojis.

Kindly is likely used to this kind of attention since sharing tantalizing photos of her svelte hourglass figure is what she does for a living.

As The Inquisitr reported, she got similar comments recently when she posted a photo where she appears to be completely nude. Based on the caption, the picture was posted during her birthday week and she apparently thought that ditching her clothes would be the best way to celebrate.

The photo has accumulated close to 50,000 likes since it was posted.

She followed that up by gifting her 1.7 million Instagram followers with a second nude photo, this one even more glamorous than the last. Unlike the first, Kindly shows off more of her lower body in the second one and wears her blonde tresses down past her shoulders. But she keeps her chest hidden beneath her knees to maintain a sliver of modesty.

Even though her online persona has been built around being a very attractive woman, there’s more to Kindly than meets the eye. As Heightline reports she joined the military right out of high school and she later became an officer in the National Guard. She sometimes references her military past in her photos.

In an Instagram photo from April, she posed in full tactical gear and struck an alluring pose while armed with a machine gun.

While the post got the usual adoration in the comments, one fan seemed to take offense with the fact the weapon was in the photo.

“Guns are not appealing,” they wrote.