Instagram Sensation Amanda Lee Shows The Difference Between ‘Posed’ And ‘Not Posed’ In Killer Bikini

Amanda LeeInstagram

Amanda Lee wants to show fans the difference between “posed” and “not posed” photos, but the bikini-clad fitness model’s fans happen to think she looks flawless in both.

Lee took to Instagram this week to show off the subtle difference in posture and body shape when someone is “posing” for a photo versus just standing there. Posing in a revealing yellow bikini, Lee showed the difference that good posture, lighting, and flexing can make.

“No one looks perfect all the time! Everything is angles, posing, and lighting,” Lee shared in the photo’s caption.

Amanda noted that the first picture showed her not sucking in her stomach or pushing out her booty, while in the second she popped her hip out. Lee’s point seemed a bit lost, as the fitness model appeared flawless in both of the side-by-side photos and fans didn’t seem to care about the subtle difference between the two poses.

“Gorgeous in BOTH!” wrote American singer and actress Adrienne Bailon, who follows Lee on the social media site.

“Uhhhh mmmk you pretty much look perfect in the unposed,” another fan wrote, adding a series of laughing emoji.

Lee has gotten plenty of attention for her revealing Instagram photos. The Los Angeles fitness model and personal trainer has amassed 11.9 million followers, becoming one of the most-followed fitness models on the site.

There’s plenty of work that goes into looking that good. As Lee shared in a 2016 interview with Maxim, she has a very strict workout regiment that includes a lot of work to keep her backside looking so famously fit.

Lee shared that she got into the Instagram modeling business through her work as a personal trainer. She started to work with a client who had appeared in hip-hop music videos, and the woman took a selfie with Lee one day and tagged her in. The woman’s 80,000 Instagram followers soon latched onto Lee, asking her to post more workout videos, and she blossomed from there.

Lee, who three years ago had a following just under 5 million, said she was shocked at how fast her page took off and allowed her to break free from the pack of Instagram models with 500,000 to 1 million followers.

As The Inquisitr reported, Lee now gets viral interest in her photos, including a recent one where she rocked a barely-there bikini.

Those who want to see more from Amanda Lee can check out her Instagram page.