Alexina Graham Exposes Chest In Pasties

John ParraGetty Images

Victoria’s Secret Angel, Alexina Graham, showed off her assets in a revealing way in a recent Instagram update. The photos were taken while she was at the Burning Man festival. The outfit that she wore in the snaps were so revealing, in fact, that they cannot be shared here. However, you can still check them out on the model’s Instagram page.

This is hardly the first time Graham showed off her body, as she previously went braless in a neon top, as described by The Inquisitr.

But this new photo is arguably one of the most revealing as of late. There were three photos in all, with the first one showing Alexina standing with her legs apart as she faced the camera straight-on. She wore an orange, tie-dye crop sweatshirt. However, the sweatshirt appeared to be more for show than for anything else, as the model’s chest was left on full display. She reached her hands above her and grasped her left wrist with her right hand. The only thing that censored the photos were her black, star-shaped pasties.

And besides the top, Graham also likely turned heads with her tiny shorts and a skirt that was entirely made of tassels. Her boots were black, while she also rocked a pair of goggles in the desert landscape.

Her first photo showed her with her eyes closed. In addition, the model gave a fierce look in the second photo while wearing her hair slicked back.

And a final photo showed the model sitting in a swing set, which had cloud-like sculptures on the top. Graham wore her goggles and smiled for the camera, as she held onto the swing.

Fans had lots to say about the new update, with plenty of people gushing about the Angel’s good looks.

However, there were some people who complained that the outfit was confusing.

“I’m pleased because I love the female figure but I’m also very confused,” said a fan.

“This outfit reminds me of that episode from the office where Michael tried to survive in the woods and he cuts his suit pants off,” noted another fan.

“Mom’s kot gonna be happy with that outfit lol,” predicted a follower.

But for the most part, everyone seemed to only have nice things to say.

“Surprising! Magical! Exciting! Gorgeous! Tremendous!” gushed a follower.

On the other hand, some fans speculated on Alexina’s seeming flawless looks.

“Fake or real? Almost too perfect to be real,” wondered a fan.