Blake Shelton Gushes About Gwen Stefani After Garth Brooks Reveals Hilarious Prank

Emma McIntyreGetty Images

Blake Shelton just can’t stop talking about how great it is to be Gwen Stefani’s boyfriend. The cowboy and the Cali girl are still going strong after almost four years of dating, but Blake still talks about their relationship like it’s brand new. Blake still seems pretty gobsmacked that Gwen fell for him, and this hasn’t escaped the notice of legendary country musician Garth Brooks.

During a recent interview with Access Daily, Blake mostly talked music with hosts Mario Lopez and Kit Hoover, touching on the success of “God’s Country” and what Blake was doing when his producer first sent him the song. According to the country boy, he was outside mulching. Of course, Blake couldn’t make it through an interview without gushing about Gwen Stefani, and Shefani fans have Garth Brooks to thank for getting Blake to say something sweet about “The Sweet Escape” singer.

The topic of Gwen came up while the trio was talking about another of Blake Shelton’s recent big hits, “Dive Bar.” Blake revealed that the song came to be when Garth Brooks gave him a call. The “Unanswered Prayers” singer had seen Blake perform “God’s Country” at the ACM Awards, and he was so impressed that he invited Gwen and Blake to have dinner with him and his wife, Trisha Yearwood. Near the end of their phone conversation, Garth asked Blake to record “Dive Bar” with him.

After Blake shared his anecdote about the “Dive Bar” duet, Mario Lopez and Kit Hoover surprised him with a video message from Garth Brooks.

In the video, Garth talked about performing “Dive Bar” live with Blake during a tour stop in Boise, Idaho. He paid Blake a huge compliment by saying that the crowd “got louder for Blake than they ever did for me.” He then used one of Gwen Stefani’s favorite words to describe their reaction, saying that they “went bananas” for Blake Shelton.

Garth also gave viewers a glimpse of the name on Blake’s dressing room door: Mr. Stefani. This silly prank is what prompted Blake to heap praise on his girlfriend.

“I still can’t believe I’m dating Gwen Stefani,” Blake said. “If I have won anything from The Voice, it’s that.”

The six-time winner of The Voice went on to describe Gwen as “my favorite human being I have ever met in my life.” He thinks Gwen is so nice, he even said it twice.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Gwen seems to know that she has Blake wrapped around her little finger. One of the couple’s co-coaches on The Voice, Kelly Clarkson, revealed that Blake is so smitten with Gwen that he allowed her to steal singers from him on the show. Luckily, it looks like this sneaky strategy hasn’t changed Blake’s opinion of his favorite human.