Ex ‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham’s Skintight Jumpsuit Post With Daughter Sophia Had Instagram Confused

Sean ZanniGetty Images

Farrah Abraham often uploads Instagram posts that cause confusion. That was the case on September 17 as she and her daughter, Sophia, struck a strange pose in a photo that, as of this writing, has since been deleted.

The former Teen Mom OG cast member was rocking a skintight, shiny yellow jumpsuit accessorized with a bit of fuzzy detail on the shoulders. The long-sleeved ensemble was low-cut, allowing quite a bit of cleavage to escape from the garment.

Farrah’s hairdo was akin to a 1960s style, with the top of her two-toned locks looking as if they had been teased. The rest of her long hair was down and wavy. She wore a full face of makeup, including dark eyebrows, black eyeliner, smoky shadow, and possible false eyelashes.

Meanwhile, Sophia was photographed standing beside Farrah. The 10-year-old wore a dazzling color-blocked jacket tied together with a pink satin ribbon. Underneath the top layer, Sophia was clothed in an off-white mini dress that featured dozens of sequins. The young girl wore her long brown locks in a partial ponytail, with most of her straight hair trailing down the front of her outfit.

Both mother and daughter had their arms outstretched. Sophia’s limbs were close to the side of her body while one of Farrah’s arms was outstretched as her hand was reaching for the stars. Her other arm was pointed downward, with her palm open. Together, the pair created quite an offbeat image.

But that wasn’t all of the weirdness going on. As the two posed, both Farrah and Sophia had their mouths open. While her mom showed a lot of teeth, her daughter stuck out her tongue, which was coated in something that caused that part of her mouth to have turned from pink to blue.

Within three hours of uploading, this bewildering share did not seem to be very popular with Farrah’s followers. Only a little more than 1,000 fans liked the post while most of those who added comments, of which there were very few, were not very accepting. In fact, they were downright negative.

“That poor child. Having you as a mom, she hardly has a chance,” said one follower, who included an emoji indicating a confused woman.

“Train wreck waiting to happen!” stated a second follower.

“Why subject a kid to this craziness,” asked a third commenter.

Meanwhile, at least a couple of others praised the former Teen Mom OG star.

“You look amazing!” stated one fan, who added a fire emoji for effect.

“You’re funny. Love your sassy personality,” remarked another faithful follower.


That being said, Farrah has become known for her Instagram antics, some of which don’t always make sense. The Inquisitr reported on one recent post that had followers seeming to be “scratching their metaphorical heads.” This post saw the Los Angeles-based personality standing in front of the Eiffel Tower while holding a bunch of Louis Vuitton shopping bags as her daughter wore a huge pair of work boots.

The geotag for that upload seemed curious since it read “New York, New York” instead of Paris, France. Farrah then tried to explain the image, saying the shot came from a “dream photoshoot.”

“Sophia is wearing Louis Vuitton boots that are way too big.. must be photoshopped,” said one follower who couldn’t help but call out what that person believed was going on in the image — one that was just as confusing as the one shared on Tuesday.

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