Ex ‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham Falls Out Of Top While Squeezing A Plastic Boob In Weirdest Video Yet

Gregg DeGuireGetty Images

Farrah Abraham may well have delivered her most bizarre social media video to date. The former Teen Mom OG star frequently makes headlines for her unusual online activity. It has been less than a day since Farrah posted a somewhat-bizarre YouTube video, per The Inquisitr. While the YouTube video posted by the 28-year-old appeared to be slammed, the one shared to the star’s Instagram stories today didn’t leave fans the option to leave an opinion. Sitting and watching was about as much as Farrah’s followers could do.

Farrah’s story was a brief one. It showed the mother of one shot up-close and in selfie mode. Farrah appeared to have added a filter to accentuate her features, although the finish definitely wasn’t blurred. The star was seen somewhat bursting out of a skin-tight and purple-colored tank top, with her famous assets barely contained. The amount of chest on show did, however, seem apt for the activity.

Farrah had held her smartphone with one hand, with the other appearing to hold a plastic breast with a very visible nipple. Farrah spoke into the camera to announce that the plastic toy was a “stress boob.” She then stated very simply that when she is stressed, she squeezes the stress boob.

Unusual videos do seem to be coming steadily from Farrah right now. Earlier this month, the star took to Instagram with a vegan cheese-tasting video. Unfortunately for Farrah, that didn’t go down too well with viewers. Likewise slammed has been a controversial video of Farrah receiving cosmetic butt injections. The thong-clad video definitely proved a talking point for fans, although the negativity here seemed to peak over an issue that Farrah’s fans repeatedly seem to find worthy of raising. Quite simply, they seem horrified that Farrah’s 10-year-old daughter Sophia follows her mother’s account. Of course, this would be less of an issue were the feed’s contents not quite so adult in nature.

Farrah might find herself judged by many, but this mother does seem to love her child. The star has been spending quality time with Sophia in Europe as the two attended the Venice Film Festival followed by a trip to Paris, France, although Venice itself proved a headline-maker for Farrah by virtue of a red carpet wardrobe malfunction.

Farrah shot to fame on MTV’s 16 and Pregnant before becoming a core member of Teen Mom OG. The star left the franchise earlier this year, with an exit from Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans further making headlines in all things Teen Mom.

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