Demi Rose’s Massive Bikini Cleavage Just Made Today Officially Perfect

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Demi Rose has likely made Tuesday perfect for just about everyone seeing her most recent Instagram update. The British model now comes with an army of social media followers awaiting her posts. While the star’s trademark assets are likely the reason Demi boasts over 10 million Instagram followers, fans aren’t just in it for the curves. With a unique charm and a beauty that’s second-to-none, this model comes with more than a cleavage-flashing to her name.

Demi has delivered a fresh new update.

The photo posted today didn’t come as an outlandish display. At least, the demure body language and deep, direct gaze weren’t taking things down the provocative route. Demi was looking sensual, feminine, and sexy as she sat at a table with a plate in front of her, although fans were likely eyeing up the assets barely being contained by a colorful bikini top covered by a sheer white jacket. With pops of orange and red visible through the jacket, the swimwear was colorful, but it wasn’t too in-your-face. More debatable on that front was the amount of cleavage on show, although the finish was, as ever with Demi, impeccably classy. The model posed for her photo with a neutral expression and her head slightly cocked to the side.

A caption from the model thanked her hairdresser – it looked like he’d done a fantastic job.

Demi’s update quickly proved popular, racking up over 20,000 likes in the space of 30 minutes. Clearly, Demi’s posts get noticed.

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Demi didn’t provide a geo-tag in today’s post, although thanking a U.K.-based hairstylist suggested the star to be back in Britain – as The Inquisitr previously documented, Demi updated her account from a lush Balinese property while on vacation. The zen setting that filled Demi’s Instagram during her time away definitely seemed to bring the model peace. That, in itself, is something that Demi seems to search for. The Inquisitr has also reported the model to have voiced her philosophies on social media.

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“Giving thanks and appreciation to all that is good in my life. For the amazing people that I know, the opportunities I get given, my health and my spirit. The power is in the prayer. I’m always feeling so blessed and I wish nothing but blessings to you all,” she wrote to her followers.

Demi has had a tough time this year. The star’s mother died over the summer, but Demi seems to have pulled through with incredible strength.

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