Hannah Palmer Bursts Out Of Polka-Dot Bikini, Making Today Just Perfect

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Hannah Palmer appears to have made Tuesday just perfect. The Maxim model and Bang Energy endorser seems to have a unique charm — while buxom models are a dime a dozen on Instagram, those bearing the quintessential girliness and raw beauty this star possesses aren’t all that plentiful. Hannah seems to have her charm as a huge part of her appeal – fans aren’t just in it for the killer curves.

It looks like Hannah has shared the perfect update for the early part of the week. Hannah took to the platform today with an update that definitely differed from yesterday’s post — as The Inquisitr reported, the model had returned to Instagram for another of her renowned Bang Energy promotions. As for today, there wasn’t a can of the beverage in sight. Fans got their favorite model flashing her stunning smile, plus a cute, upbeat, and sexy bikini to top it all off.

Hannah’s photo showed her shot relatively close up, with the camera really taking in her smile. The blonde was, of course, bikini-clad, as swimwear is Hannah’s trademark. Hannah appeared in a buttercup-yellow and polka-dot bikini, with the yellow shade perfectly offset by soft white dots. A knot at the bust added feminine flourishes, with the star’s ample assets on full show.

Hannah wore a giant smile with closed eyes and gave thanks to her cosmetic dentist in her caption – it looks like he did a great job.

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cheesin hard thanks to @dr.armen_galustian ????

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Instagram is on its knees. Hannah’s update managed to rack up over 22,000 likes within just one hour of going live, with the same timeframe bringing over 310 fans into the post’s comments section. Hannah was dubbed the most beautiful woman on the planet by more than one fan, with the string of emoji responses appearing to go through the roof – more so for this update than is usually seen from Hannah’s posts. From the bikini’s color to the model’s smile, fans seemed floored.

Hannah first rose to attention by competing for Maxim‘s 2018 Cover Girl prize. As The Inquisitr previously reported, the model did reveal to Maxim what she’d do with the $25,000 winner prize, if she were to win.

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Intrigue me

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“My dream is to open up my own business in the beauty industry that helps homeless women and women in shelters feel beautiful again! Ever since I read an article about an esthetician using her days off to go and glam up the women at a shelter, I’ve always wanted to do the same. Seeing somebody feel beautiful and confident again when the world keeps knocking them down is just so empowering. As women, I think this is one of the most amazing gifts we could give each other!”