‘Flipping Out’ Star Jeff Lewis’ 2-Year-Old Daughter Expelled After He Slammed School

Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

Jeff Lewis’ 2-year-old daughter Monroe got expelled after the Flipping Out star slammed his daughter’s school. According to Radar Online, Jeff got a voicemail from his daughter’s headmistress saying that Monroe was no longer welcome at her California school.

At first, he says, when he heard that there was an “issue” that the school’s head wanted to chat about, he’d hoped that it wasn’t his fault for his daughter’s expulsion, but that Monroe had done something bad to get her kicked out of class.

“There was part of me that thought I did something, but I really thought maybe Monroe did something, and I was kind of hoping that Monroe did do something like she bit someone or threw sand at someone’s face,” he said. “We can only hope that it was her and not me.”

Ready to go to battle to defend his daughter, he got on the phone with the headmistress and was immediately told that his daughter was being removed from the school. The reason? Because Jeff had reportedly intimidated the other parents and had talked bad about the school. He said that he felt he should have gotten into character better to stand up for his daughter.

“I should’ve taken a pen and stabbed myself in the hand, because that would’ve made me cry. I should’ve slit my wrist,” he said.

Lews has admitted in the past that he may have said some negative things about the school and other parents in the past.

Specifically, he put down Back To School Night and Parent Night and had made jokes about the emails that the parents at the school had sent to one another. Apparently, he angered the wrong mother because he claims that the women banded together to get his daughter tossed from school.

Apparently, the headmistress hoped that things could be kept on the down-low, but Jeff refused to go quietly.

“I said ‘You’re kicking my kid out of school and you think this is going to be quiet?'” he said.

Of course, Jeff later had to reveal the bad news to his ex-partner Gage Edwards, with whom he shares custody of Monroe, and Gage was understandably upset.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, the pair were struggling to find equilibrium amidst their separation as they tried to find a way to share custody of Monroe. Things got so bad that at one point the two had to be separated from one another.