Joe Biden ‘Personally’ Told Orrin Hatch He Didn’t Believe Anita Hill, Report Claims

Sean RayfordGetty Images

Although Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden continues to maintain a healthy lead over Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, a series of gaffes and continued criticism of his past continually threatens to tighten the race.

Newsweek reports that during an interview with Fox Nation’s Confirmation Chronicles, which will air Wednesday, former Republican Senator Orrin Hatch will reveal that Biden told him he didn’t believe Anita Hill when she testified before the Senate that then-Supreme Court Justice nominee Clarence Thomas sexually harassed her.

“Biden told me personally that he didn’t believe her,” Hatch reportedly says. “He said I don’t know why she did this. I don’t mean to malign Joe, but Joe told me he didn’t believe her, and there were some others that told me that too.”

During Hill’s hearing in 1991, Biden chaired the Senate Judiciary Committee. Thomas was eventually confirmed to a lifetime appointment on the Supreme Court despite the allegations, and Biden’s handling of the hearing has been a focal point of critics, especially in the wake of his 2020 presidential bid.

Biden called Hill before his campaign announcement and told her he felt “regret” for what she experienced, although Hill didn’t take his comments as an apology. However, Hill did say she is “open to people changing.”

Per The Inquisitr, a new poll from Emerson College in California reveals that Biden and Sanders are tied with 26 percent support. Biden has the most support from older voters over 50 with 40 percent support and also enjoys support from the African American community.

Per Fox News, a new campaign video for Donald Trump aims at Biden’s fitness for office, highlighting his gaffes and stumbles. In addition, fellow Democratic presidential candidate Cory Booker questioned Biden’s fitness following the debate and highlighted Julian Castro’s criticism of the former vice president’s memory.

“I think we are at a tough point right now, because there’s a lot of people concerned about Joe Biden’s ability to carry the ball all the way across the end line without fumbling,” Booker told CNN in an interview, adding that Castro’s concerns were “legitimate.”

Others thought that Castro’s attack was a low blow, with some suggesting that his campaign is not going to recover from his performance.

Despite the criticism, Biden’s doctor — who was named the White House physician when he was vice president — said that he was in excellent physical condition and “more than capable” of handing the campaign rigors. Biden also promised to release his medical records after his next physical before voting begins in February.