Donald Trump On Elizabeth Warren’s Crowd Size: ‘Anybody Could Do That’

Mark WilsonGetty Images

Surging in the polls, Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren appears to have built an energetic coalition of supporters. The energy has poured into the streets as well, with the Massachusetts senator holding campaign rallies before thousands of devotees.

Her latest rally, held Monday in New York City, attracted more than 20,000 people, according to a report from USA Today. In the nation’s largest city, the Democrat delivered a fiery speech, denouncing corruption in the capital, and attacking President Donald Trump.

“Corruption has put our planet at risk. Corruption has broken our economy,” she said.

“Donald Trump is corruption in the flesh,” Warren said of the commander-in-chief, rallying the crowd gathered in the Washington Square Park.

Promising structural change and tapping into progressive-populist rhetoric, Warren railed against Trump, vowing to take on corporations and moneyed interests.

On Tuesday, President Trump dismissed the significance of Warren’s rally, The Hill reports.

The president interacted with the press during a flight from Albuquerque, New Mexico, to Mountain View, California, telling members of the media that “anybody could do” what Warren is doing.

“Anybody that can’t get people standing in the middle of Manhattan in the most densely populated area of the country — anybody could do that.”

“I think more Democrats should do it,” he said, before arguing that he has — unlike Democrats running for president — managed to hold big rallies in areas in which such turnout is out of the ordinary.

“I get these crowds in areas that nobody’s ever seen crowds before. Pretty amazing,” he said.

Trump also cast doubt on claims that Warren had 20,000 supporters attend the rally, repeating his argument that “anybody” would be able to do the same in such a densely populated area.

“Number one, she didn’t have 20,000 people and number two, I think anybody would get a good crowd there. I think you have a good crowd there if you don’t even go there, just say you’re going and how many people are in the park,” he said.

Warren is not the only candidate with an energetic base of supporters. As Common Dreams reported, Vermont Independent Bernie Sanders is filling major town halls, parks, and stadiums across the country, in a campaign that is being described as “reminiscent of his 2016 insurgent run for president.”

The grassroots enthusiasm for Warren and Sanders is not entirely reflected in the polls, however. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, former Vice President Joe Biden remains the clear front-runner, with a commanding lead over the rest of the crowded primary field.

Polling also suggests that the primary is shaping into a three-way race between Biden, Sanders, and Warren.

In Emerson’s latest California poll, for instance, Sanders and Biden are tied in the first place with 26 percent of the support, ahead of Warren who is supported by 20 percent of the electorate.

The rest of the field appears to have faded to the background.