Emma Hernan Bursts Out Of Barely-There Black Swimsuit, Causing An Instagram Explosion

Emma HernanInstagram

Model Emma Hernan gets a lot of advice from her dad, and she tries to be a good daughter and follow it. However, her latest Instagram post may not be precisely what he had in mind when doling out his words of wisdom. Good advice or not, Hernan’s post thrilled her 880,000 followers on the popular social media platform.

In the sexy image, the blond bombshell posed on her knees atop a bed covered with a white fur blanket and her legs in a scissor set. She wore a black, ripped one-piece swimsuit which plunged nearly to her navel with small straps protecting her modesty and keeping the look Instagram appropriate. Her straight hair fell forward around her shoulders, and Hernan accessorized the look with large hoop earrings. Light eye makeup with highlights, soft pink blush, and pink lipstick completed the daring look. A mirror hung behind the bed, and the high cut, thong-style suit showed off the model’s pert backside and toned back.

In the caption, Hernan revealed that her dad asked her to stop sharing so many bikini pictures on Instagram. Because of her father’s request, the model decided to use this one piece as her response to his sage advice.

Within minutes, more than 3,000 people pressed the “like” button and showed their appreciation for the bold look. Plus, more than 200 dropped a supportive comment for Hernan.

“Oohlala!” wrote actress and model Margaux Brooke in support of her friend.

“Always listen to your dad and keep posting hot pics like this,” one follower replied.

“Good advice, dad!” commented someone in agreement.

“Tell Dad to forget it,” remarked another fan.

“One side of me feels for your poor dad..but the other, well…” a follower admitted.

“Oh yeah. The onesie is so much more modest..lol. Gorgeous,” wrote another.

This post isn’t the first time Hernan posted an outfit she chose based on her dad’s advice. The Inquisitr previously reported that she wore a jacket with nothing underneath as a result of her dad’s urging to wear a coat when she headed out on a date.

In her Instagram story, the model shared a GIF of herself wearing a scoop neck, white tank top, which showcased her cleavage, and she blew kisses to her followers. The location indicated on her story put Hernan in Boston, Massachusetts. Her blond hair swept over one shoulder, and her hoop earrings peeked out from under her tresses. She used a filter that turned her eyes into hearts, and she had several Cupid arrows stuck to her face in the lighthearted share.