Miley Cyrus’ 19-Year-Old Sister Noah Hits Up Cafe In Black Bra With Weed After Admitting She’s ‘High AF’

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Noah Cyrus seems to be enjoying just about everything that California can offer. The sister to SHE IS COMING singer Miley Cyrus updated her Instagram stories today with content that included the state’s legal marijuana, plus a reminder that she digs the celebrity-adored Joan’s on Third cafe in Los Angeles. Noah’s social media activity is often a talking point for her fans, with the star’s Instagram followers likely noticing that Noah partnered up with dad Billy Ray Cyrus for a bikini motorcycle ride just yesterday, per The Inquisitr.

Shortly after The Inquisitr published its report, Noah updated her Instagram in a sexy and casual outfit comprised of a black and lacy bra paired with a matching pair of leggings with a trendy sheer-panel detail. The free-spirited update proved a popular one, with the wardrobe appearing to have been donned for a street outing later in the day, per the 19-year-old’s Instagram stories.

Noah’s stories came as a series of posts. The first showed a black screen with white and red writing.

“I’m sitting alone in my room watching Gilmore Girls Talking To Siri…”

Text then appeared stating that the singer was “High As F*ck.”

Anyone continuing to view the story then saw a photo of Noah exiting the above-mentioned eatery, with the star seen in her black bra and leggings. An off-the-shoulder jacket worn more as an accessory was also added.

“WHY AM I ALWAYS SO SAD AT JOANS,” appeared in text at the top of the image.

As to the final part of the related story, Noah posted a closer-up photo of herself exiting the dining joint, with the star seen somewhat giving out the middle finger. Text once again accompanied the story.

“The Juul weed pen and middle finger is INSANE,” Noah wrote.

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why so sad noie ?????

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Noah does, indeed, seem to come with an edge. The star has updated her Instagram with a bong. A somewhat adult theme to the account has become a talking point for someone so young. Then again, at 19, Noah is an adult. The star seems to be making a name for herself as a stand-alone artist. However, with sister Miley’s fame alongside dad Billy’s, the singer has had a head start, but it isn’t easy carving out a career as the little sibling. That said, Noah’s career seems to be going steady, with the singer recently having released her “July” track.

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slide for surprise ????

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Noah has 5.1 million Instagram followers. Of course, her account is followed by sister Miley. Fans wishing to see more of Noah should follow her social media.