Savannah Chrisley Might Be Involved In Sex Tape Extortion According To Sister Lindsie

Rick DiamondGetty Images

Lindsie Chrisley, the eldest daughter of Todd Chrisley of the USA Network show Chrisley Knows Best, is not in a forgiving mood. She is suggesting that her half-sister Savannah might have played a role in the sex tape extortion by her father and half-brother, Chase, meant to keep Lindsie from telling the authorities the truth about the family’s legal issues.

TMZ caught up with Lindsie Chrisley at LAX this week and asked if she will ever be able to forgive her father and siblings for trying to extort her about an alleged sex tape with Robby Hayes from The Bachelorette.

Lindsie stated that she wants nothing to do with her father, who she believes overstepped in an effort to protect himself against accusations that he committed tax crimes. She was also asked about the negative things that Savannah Chrisley said about her publicly, blaming her for the legal problems facing Todd and Julie Chrisley including tax evasion and being dishonest about where they actually live.

Lindsie stated in the TMZ video that the sex tape extortion might have been a group effort, with Savannah Chrisley on the wrong side.

“It’s a thinly-veiled accusation, but Lindsie suggests Savannah might be involved in the alleged sex tape extortion along with her estranged dad and brother Chase.”

And Savannah Chrisley isn’t just silently standing by her parents, and against Lindsie in this matter, claiming that she lives by the values that her family taught her.

“I stand behind my mom and dad. I know how they’ve raised us and the values they taught us. So, if they taught us those values, it means they have them themselves.”

In an interview, Savannah stated that sadly, Lindsie is only speaking out against the family to get attention and to get a few more minutes of fame since she left the family show to pursue her own interests. But Savannah all buy called Lindsie a liar.

“It’s extremely sad that someone is using a sex tape that doesn’t even exist in order to get five more minutes of fame,” she said accusingly.

Savannah Chrisley suggested that her father Todd would still try to help Lindsie, because if a sex tape did exist, it’s something that her sister should be ashamed of, adding that she will never forgive her sister, who she accuses of having several extramarital relationships.

According to The Inquisitr, Lindsie Chrisley denies that she was the one who informed on Todd and Julie Chrisley about their tax situation, saying that the only thing she talked to authorities about was being extorted by her own family.