Instagram Model Kourtney Reppert Goes Braless Beneath Sheer Dress & Drives Fans Wild

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Kourtney Reppert turned up the heat on Instagram on Tuesday when she posed in a sheer dress. While this may seem a little tame for those who know Kourtney’s penchant for bikinis and skimpy lingerie, the photo displays her glorious assets because she is not wearing a bra. And as The Inquisitr previously reported, Kourtney loves flaunting her fabulous body.

Kourtney is one of the hottest social media influencers on the planet. With over 1.5 million followers, she not only has her fans eating out of the palm of her hand but has various brands begging her to advertise their goods on her social media platform.

The Playboy model shared a pic in which she is wearing a silver see-through dress. Kourtney is braless and fans can clearly see plenty of side-boob as she poses for the camera. The delicate dress has spaghetti straps and clings to her voluptuous figure.

Kourtney stares into the distance as her blonde tresses cascade down her shoulder in a mass of disarray. Kourtney wore generous lashings of mascara and eyeliner, which enhanced their doe-eyed shape. The bombshell also wore a rose-colored lipstick which complemented the look flawlessly.

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Color or B&W? Can’t decide

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WMMR dubbed Kourtney as “Philadelphia’s Hottest Blonde,” and this snap definitely proves that she can work a camera. Standing in front of a dark grey background, Kourtney looked over her shoulder while putting her hands on her tiny waist. She arched her back and raised her shoulders, and this subtle adjustment had a scintillating effect on her figure. Her breasts were accentuated as she leaned forward, making it very obvious that she was nude beneath the dress.

Instagram went wild when she posted the pic a short while ago. In just 3 hours, Kourtney already has over 6,000 likes and hordes of fans have commented on the photo.

In a recent interview with Naluda, Kourtney shared some insight into her life. She emphasized that it’s not all just glitz and glamor for the mother of one.

“I’m a tomboy by day, glam star by night! I have clothes that make me look homeless and clothes that make me look like a billion bucks, and then mixed in are the granny panties.”

It appears as if Kourtney Reppert leads a normal life when she’s not posing for the camera. But if you prefer her more risque looks, you can follow her on her Instagram account and join her hordes of fans.