Ashley Alexiss Drives Instagram Wild Lifting Her Dress, But It’s Her Caption That Really Gets Them

Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

Ashley Alexxis has proven that she has multiple weapons: the model and social media sensation might have her killer curves as her trademark, but this is one star who comes with wit. The 28-year-old’s latest update may not have come as a bikini one, but it more than delivered – on multiple fronts. Ashley updated her Instagram on Tuesday with a brand new look, a reminder that she’s an influencer, and a caption that likely made her fans lose their minds.

Ashley’s photo showed her in an idyllic beach setting. The model had been photographed in the shade as she posed underneath a leafy canopy, with an ocean backdrop framing the photo perfectly. Ashley herself was taking up the foreground, showing off her sexy physique perfectly. Ashley was wearing a light and beachy slip dress in pistachio shades, with a spaghetti strap finish perfectly showcasing her strong arms and upper silhouette. The look wasn’t flashing a huge amount of skin, but it did come with a ruffled lower half showcasing some leg. Ashley appeared to lift the materials slightly around the waist.

A deep gaze from the model pierced the camera as she looked knowingly into the lens – a quick glance at the caption more than explained what was going on. Ashley seemed to have played on a term expressing joy, although she’d picked out some letters from the word and given them a very NSFW twist.

For anyone reacting to the caption they just saw – yes, this girl is something else. Then again, it’s the model’s fierce attitude that is likely responsible for her success. Fit and curvy models might be plentiful on Instagram, but Ashley seems to come with a very particular appeal. Of course, Ashley rocking skimpy clothing always proves popular. The Inquisitr recently reported that the model drove fans nuts in a football shirt and little else in the way of clothing.

Ashley does come with a quirky streak. The model has been profiled by Ask Men, with an interesting reveal in terms of what she’d consider her perfect date to be.

“Anything to do with penguins. Literally. If there’s penguins there, you’ve already won. Penguins are my thing. They’re cute as hell and the hopeless romantic in me loves that once they find their mate, that’s their mate for life. Now, lets go pet some penguins!” she told the magazine.

Ashley also added that Justin Timberlake was her childhood crush.

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