Donald Trump Will Be Impeached, Says Minnesota Representative Ilhan Omar

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Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar said on Wednesday that Donald Trump will be impeached, Yahoo News reports, adding that it is a matter of when, not if.

On Monday night, CNN’s Erin Burnett interviewed the congresswoman and specifically brought up the fact that the House of Representatives was, at the time, on the eve of launching impeachment hearings. As reported by The Inquisitr, the hearings officially began on Tuesday. Burnett pointed out that the hearings are taking place despite the fact that recent polling indicates that 60 percent of Americans don’t support impeaching the president. She then asked if Omar believed that the House Judiciary Committee, led by New York Democrat Jerry Nadler, should pursue impeachment, as he has promised to do, even if the public isn’t on board.

“It’s not if we are going to impeach this president, it’s when.”

She also noted that Nadler’s investigation hopes to compile enough evidence that will make a compelling case for impeachment. When that evidence is shared with the American people, Omar speculates, the tide of public opinion will change in favor of impeachment.

Speaking to WNYC radio on Monday, Nadler said the same thing. Once his committee has completed its investigation, compiled all the evidence it uncovers, and presents it to the American people, the voters will be on board with impeaching Trump.

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So far, the Democratic leadership of the House of Representatives, under Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, has been reticent to push for impeachment, or indeed, to even discuss it. Pelosi has said that her party should focus on its agenda for improving the lives of everyday Americans, rather than focusing on impeachment.

Nadler, however, has taken the position that justice demands a thorough investigation at the very least.

On Tuesday, the House Judiciary Committee officially opened with a day of testimony, in what is being described as the first hearing into a possible impeachment of the president. The committee had hoped to hear from former Trump associates Corey Lewandowski, Rob Porter, and Rick Dearborn. However, the administration has directed Porter and Dearborn to defy those subpoenas and not testify. Whether or not the Judiciary Committee will file a lawsuit or take any other action to attempt to force the two men to testify remains unclear. Also unclear is if Lewandowski will give the committee the answers Nadler is seeking.

You can watch Omar’s interview with Burnett on CNN’s website.