‘Last of Us’ Demo Available May 31 For Those With ‘God Of War: Ascension’ Pre-Orders [Video]

The Last of Us demo will be available on May 31 to the people who pre-ordered God of War: Ascension. The official launch date for the full game is still a ways away but least gamers now know when they will get a look at the post-apocalyptic action adventure.

The demo, which will include one level from the game was announced in January but the exact way people would get access to it hadn’t been made clear. Now it appears that people who pre-order God of War: Ascension will get an exclusive look at the game.

The developer for the Last of Ustweeted out a confirmation that people who grabbed God of War: Ascension early would get this demo as well. There probably didn’t need to be any more incentive to grab the newest God of War game but it certainly can’t hurt to add a little more incentive.

God of War: Ascension hits shelves on March 12 so there is still some time to pre-order the game and get access to the demo. On May 31, there will be an access point through the game’s main menu. While there is certainly no shortage of zombie type games the Last of Us takes a different angle to the concept.

The developers of the game have actually said this isn’t actually a zombie title, but a horde of people who have been infected by a fungus that transforms them into some new type of organism. Gamers will play as part of a father-daughter team up that is just trying to stay one step ahead of the infected while avoiding becoming infected themselves.

The game was originally expected to hit shelves on May 7 but Naughty Dog pushed back the release until June 14. That means God of War: Ascension owners will get to play at least part of Last Of Us a full two weeks before the game hits.

Check out a development trailer of the game below.