Anastasiya Kvitko Shows Why She’s Called ‘Russian Kim Kardashian’ In The Tiniest Bikini Instagram Will Allow

Anastasiya Kvitko takes a selfie
Anastasiya Kvitko / Instagram

Another day, another bikini. Anastasiya Kvitko’s moniker as the “Russian Kim Kardashian” may be the reason why this European is now so famous, but AK now seems to come with fame on a stand-alone level. The model and social media sensation has over 11 million Instagram followers, with a fan base appearing at the edge of their seats as they await fresh content. The model took to her Instagram stories earlier today, with fans seeing what may be the tiniest bikini that can be gotten away with on the platform.

AK’s story showed her living the high life aboard a water vessel. As The Inquisitr reported yesterday, the model appeared in a fierce red bikini on the water. Clearly, this swimwear pro comes armed with multiple bikinis. While yesterday’s content came as a video of Kvitko sashaying around a yacht in her two-piece, today’s one came as full-frontal posing. AK had squeezed her insane curves into a stark white bikini boasting a high waistband, although this two-piece had its flourishes: crisscross string bands across the star’s middle chopped the swimwear up with similar details manifesting across the model’s ultra-curvy hips.

Given that Kvitko will sometimes take to her stories for a little sneak preview, it can assumed — although not guaranteed — that today’s two-piece will pop up as a permanent post. Of course, anything posted via Instagram’s stories vanishes from the digital space after 24 hours.

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Anastasiya does, indeed, come as a rare breed. The Russian has a fierce attitude and what seems to be a will of iron. AK was turned away from the modeling industry for being too curvy, although it looks like she’s having the last laugh. The star left her native Russia for a life in the U.S., and she seems to love every minute of it.

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AK has opened up about her rise to fame and past. Speaking to Women’s Fitness, the model revealed how it all got started.

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“To be a model you have to be very tall and thin. I wasn’t tall but I had a good shapes and curves. Until that moment I didn’t even think about modelling I just liked taking photos of myself. And after that meeting from time to time I started to receive proposals to participate in free shootouts from different photographers in different studios in Moscow. My Instagram account was growing more fast. Once it reached first one hundred thousands of followers. It was unbelievable.”

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