Ex ‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Farrah Abraham Posts Bizarre Comedic Video, And Fans Absolutely Slam It

Matt WinkelmeyerGetty Images

Ex Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham might want to find a new hobby. The reality star has been branching out into stand-up on YouTube, and recently posted a bizarre comedic video where she builds a routine around going to the DMV. However, fans were not impressed by the set, leaving a number of blistering comments about the reality star.

The video was posted as part of Farrah’s “docu-comedy” series, and was appropriately titled “DMV.”

Farrah begins the video by discussing her outfit, saying that it was inspired by being a single mom. She claimed that the ensemble was ingenious because she had a bikini on underneath, meaning that she could pop into the pool at any time.

After the starting non sequitur, the former Teen Mom star then launched into her tale of going to the DMV.

“I actually despise the DMV a little bit,” she begins.

Farrah added that this was also a DMV in Hollywood, which she believed added some “crazy” to the mix.

Farrah then started the story, in which she described getting up as early as possible to arrive before the crowds. She wanted to update her license, as she still had red hair in her old picture. However, she confessed that the process ended up taking four hours.

Part of that reason was that Farrah missed her number being called several times, which she blamed on being dyslexic.

“They love that Farrah’s in the DMV, but they hate that Farrah’s in the DMV,” Farrah proclaimed.

The single mom then launched into the difficulties of paperwork, adding that several people from places like Hong Kong and Sweden had claims rejected because of it.

Farrah also criticized the department for not taking credit cards, adding that she “freaked out” and that people started laughing at her.

The final part of the story described a test, one which distressed Farrah as she said she thought she was done with tests once she finished high school. Accordingly, Farrah failed it.

Fortunately, a passerby had the DMV guide and offered it to Farrah so that she could retake the test. Farrah bragged that she only missed one question on the second take.

Farrah concluded the video by gushing about how cool the new California licenses were, adding that they would soon be required for everyone in the state.

Unfortunately, fans were not impressed with the skit and left a number of blistering comments for the reality star.

“Ok this is far from funny it’s not even entertaining. It’s just a delusional whack job wasting our time. She needs severe help!!!” wrote one concerned user.

“I honestly didn’t think it was possible to be this bad at comedy!!” added a second critic.

“Guys. We need to stop watching this train wreck. She’s getting the last laugh because she gets paid for every view!” another commenter remarked.

“This is ridiculous. She’s on the verge of a mental breakdown. She cannot think she’s ‘funny’… Absolutely delusional!!!” one more YouTube user wrote.

The YouTube video comes just after Farrah was similarly slammed for a short clip about mozzarella recently posted to Instagram. As reported by The Inquisitr, many commenters were not kind about the video, with one watcher claiming that the reality star didn’t have “three brain cells to rub together.”